5: Un-expected 'company'

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Rowan opened her delicate eyes feeling the warmth of the cabin window shine down on her tired body. Apollo laid beside her, masked in the sheets of the small uncomfortable bed. She sat up rubbing her green eyes, making her squint at the small confined room around her.

"Oh right it wasn't a dream," sighed Rowan, Moving the bed covers off of her. "Apollo! come here boy!" shouted Rowan, clapping her hands against her bruised knees as she walked into the kitchen. The sound of Apollo's paws echoed as he raced into the kitchen wagging his tail.

Rowan grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and some ham from the fridge. Luckily the ham was fine to eat. Rowan place the bowl of ham on the floor. Apollo digged into his breakfast leaving the bowl clean.

Rowan searched the rest if the cupboard for salvaged food. She came across tinned food and what seemed like a endless supply of food. "YES!" cheered Rowan, taking a big bag of doritos out of one of the green rusty cabinets.

She opened the bag, the familiar smell hitting her nose like a tidal wave. She attempted to walk into the small living room with a old tv, but the pain in her leg restricted her. The wave of pain from her leg hit her carrying the memories with it.

"shit!" groaned Rowan, placing her spare hand on her open wound. She shook the memories of her dead parents out of her haunted memory as she limped into the living room. She slumped down on the couch, making dust fly into the air.

Rowan grabbed the remote placed on the coffee table in front of her. She tried turning on the old tv and hopefully getting a channel signal. All she could hear was the screeching noises of static tv signals. "Stupid thing!" sighed Rowan, throwing the remote across the room in fustraightion.

The remote went flying across the room towards a set of draws beside a balcony looking over the ruined town that seemed so far away. 'CRASH' went the remote against a glass photo frame. "Huh?" questioned Rowan, walking over to the broken object.

She knelt down grabbing the broken frame from the pile of shattered glass, managing not to cut open the wounds already caressed on her hands. The frame carried the picture of two kids, a boy and a girl and what looked like to be there parents.

They seemed happy, at home. Her hands began shaking as she dropped the frame on the ground. A cold broken tear streamed down her warm cheek. She sat down beside the photo, ignoring the pain in her leg.

They were all dead, just like her family and many others. She couldn't help but lash out and think about her OWN family. The kids were so young, so happy. She couldn't help but think 'Maybe my sister and Aidan really aren't alive.'

All she had was herself and Apollo, she needed to be strong. For her, her sister and her parents. She knew they wouldn't want her to spend her days mourning over her family that was already dead.

"No my sister and Aidan are still alive, and i'm not going to stop looking until I find them!" shouted Rowan, kicking the broken frame with her foot to the side. She loved her sister and cared for Aidan, she wasn't going to let this dead family change her mind.

Her sister was out there somewhere, alone, scared. She would never stop trying until she found them even if it meant traveling to the other side of the earth to find them. She stood up struggling to compose the pain her leg was giving her.

Rowan spent the whole day limping around trying to regain her strength. She needed to heal if she wanted to find Alexis and Aidan.

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