Chapter 13

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Next morning Reanna dialled Rafe's mobile. He answered on the second ring.

"Valdez," he said

"Hi Rafe, this is Reanna," I said

There was a silence on the phone, then he spoke.

"Hello Reanna, what can I do for you." He asked

"I was wondering if you are free today. Can we meet?" I asked him

"Is it something important?" He asked

"No, nothing urgent I just wanted to meet you for a few minutes. I can come over to your office, or we can go for lunch. Anything which suits you," I said

"I am tied up today. Lunch will not be possible. But if you can make it around 12:30 noon, my office, we can meet." He said

"Sure. I will see you then," I said and disconnected the call.

I reached Rafe office at the designated time the receptionist had my name with her, so she gave me a card key to reach Rafe's 75th Floor. A little uncertainly I got out of the lift on the top floor and then walked towards the door marked 'Personal Assistant to the Managing Director'.

A woman was sitting behind the desk wearing a black sheathed dress in a slim-fitting shift. A natural redhead I guess she seemed to be confident and attractive.

As I approached her, she looked at her watch and said: "You must be Reanna."

"How do you know me?" I asked

"Oh, I am Joanna Rafe's secretary it's my work to know everybody and everything. Let me buzz him," she called him on intercom "Rafe. Reanna is here," she listened to what he said on the phone and then replied "I'm sorry I don't have a photographic memory like you, but my brain is too busy being awesome. Yes, I will do that and don't worry, I will handle it for you like I always do."

After replacing the phone, she smiled at me and said: "Rafe will join you in his office." She directed me to the director suite 'You can go in,' she informed Reanna. 'It's the door over there...'                                       

As I stepped into the office, the bright sunlight streaming in through the large windows momentarily dazzled me. All I could make out was the hazy outline of a man standing in front of the glass with his back to me in the adjacent room, the brilliance of the sunlight making it impossible for me to see any more. When I came a little closer to the window it's like he is standing right next to me If not for the glass separating us. I saw Rafe shaking hands with few clients ending the meeting.

Rafe Valdez: the name that invokes up a knowing nod of agreement among men and women alike and now that I am safe behind those glass doors I can properly look at him without his piercing eyes looking into mine that charismatic man really looks good in a suit!!

He was wearing a classic Armani business suit a wool-blend with a touch of silk for that extra nod to luxury, a two-piece with side vents and polished details with sharp close cut, peak lapels, a blue silk tie with half Windsor knot, Patek Philippe chronograph watch and Cartier cufflinks with his Initials. His broad shoulders and narrow waist, giving a strong overall shape to his magnificent physique, creating a powerful but contemporary silhouette, perfect for his disarming persona.

When Rafe Valdez walks into a room, he exudes authority, and people listen; he wears the best suits, I guess his suits are like his superhero cape, and a reminder of what an exceptional, well-fitted tailoring, statement watch, confident smile and witty one-liners can do for a man.

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