Chapter 5

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As I came out of the auditorium with sweat droplets on my forehead, I see people gathered backstage to take my autograph. In the crowd, I can see a particular blonde leaning on the wall, giving me that look, without giving her much attention I head back to my car to escape the craziness. I told the driver to take me to a local pub in the bylanes of London, where nobody will recognize me, and I can have a drink. The driver took me to a cozy pub called The Flask – Highgate. As you would expect for a pub this old, it's small and comfortable, with an open fire in the corner making it something of a time warp. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. I could feel someone taking place next to me. I turned to look at her, and it was the same blonde standing outside the auditorium. She looked my way held my gaze for a few seconds and then smiled

"Are you going to buy me a drink?" She asked, biting the corner of her lip.

I looked at her from head to toe, she was dressed for her role, she was pretty, and her fingers were well manicured. I turn my head slightly.

"Are you following me?" I asked her, looking straight into her eyes.

"So, you noticed me outside the auditorium..." She smiled again and leaned closer.

"Don't you think I deserve a drink to know where I can find you..." She said in a low voice.

I would give that to her, not many people can find it out and after the exhaustion from the concert I needed a distraction plus the memories will not let me sleep if I don't have someone warming my bed tonight. I signal the bartender to serve the lady a drink on my behalf. She put her hand on my knee to thank me for the drink and lingered her hand a little longer than necessary; I guess she had the same thing in her mind. We shifted to the corner table and ordered some light snack for dinner. I was not able to remember much of the conversation as I had too much alcohol, but somewhere down the line, we were dancing and kissing each other, my hands were skimming her tiny waist, and her eager hands were running up and down my back. We were ready to leave for my hotel for a wild night. I left some notes to cover our bills and a hefty tip, she was holding on to me as we were collecting our coats to get out of the pub fast.

On my way out, I could see people looking at the TV screens in the pub and my eyes caught hold of the face on the TV screen for just a second before it was gone. It's like cold water on my face, bringing me back to my senses, my reality, it's like déjà vu. I ran to the TV screen to take a closer look leaving the blonde behind. Was it her or am I imagining things? It can't be her, but then it was just for a second. I cover my face with both my hands in a sign of frustration and open my eyes again to register things going on in front of me. It can't be her...

And suddenly at that moment, it occurred to me I hurriedly checked my pockets, but they were empty without thinking I rushed outside the pub I heard someone calling my name, but I didn't care... I can't lose it. I took the keys of the car from my driver and rushed back to my room. All the way while I was driving my mind was playing tricks, asking whether it was her or it was just my imagination. I hurriedly opened my room's door, and there at the corner, it laid the old tattered keychain. I dropped to my knees at the sight of it, then grabbed it in my hand;

I didn't know why my eyes were moist as I held it against my heart...

"Why'd you have to go... I loved you..."


Somewhere back in New York...

Reanna woke up to bouquets of red roses and lilies filling her room; her room was vast with tall glass windows and white décor, the red colour of the roses was a striking combination against the minimalist white décor. She turned to see a single red rose on the pillow next to her with a note on Rafe' side.

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