Chapter 22

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Before Rafe can say anything "No, I am fine I will call an uber or something don't bother."

Althea said firmly and with a voice which even Rafe can't deny. "Reanna please, Rafe will drop you home, it's late."

I was afraid to go alone with Rafe back to my place, but then I guess I didn't have any other choice but to accept the offer with courtesy.

He gave me an annoyed look, but then without saying anything, he just left for his car following Althea instructions, I followed him. We were both not talking to each other I walked along with him to his black Lamborghini, and he opened the door for me. I sat in the car, and then he also slipped behind the steering wheel. As we were on the road, I said "You could have said no to Althea, I could have taken the Uber"

Rafe didn't say anything but increased the speed of the car. I clutched the hand rest to balance myself and now a little scared of high speed due to my emotional stress, but I had far too much pride to admit to him...

After a short pause, he looked at me and said, "Put on your seatbelt."

I kept silent, and I did nothing

He waited and then stopped the car and tried to grab my side of the seatbelt. He leaned towards me to take the belt and turned to look at me, and he was too close for my comfort his face few inches apart from mine the same way it was when he saved me from that car or when we fell on the floor in his office. He was searching my eyes for something, and then he took the seatbelt and put it around me before clicking it in place.

Christina called on his cell phone still drunk at that moment. His phone was connected to the car audio, so when she left the message on the answering machine, I heard it too "Rafee wwhhat doo you thinkk aboout ouur fuuuture? I do n'tt eveen know if yoou love meee or has any feeeelings foor mee. Yyou never saidd anythinggg. Leet me knoww what yoou think abbout it. Caalll sooon"

What the hell! Rafe thought. And then he recalled Reanna lecturing Christina about marriage earlier in the evening today. It's all her fault. How dare she interfered in his life?

He looked at me and said, "What in the world did you say to Christina!?"

Why is he yelling at me his girlfriend is asking him a perfectly fine question? Anyway, I kept silent.

"Answer me, dammit. I am talking to you." He said.

I looked outside the window.

"Not even for one moment think that you can leave without answering me."

I tried to open the car's door, but it was locked. Seeing no way out I looked at him and said "What do you want to ask me? Just add a word Please to it, and I might answer"

He said, "Don't test my patience who do you think you are?? Tell me what you said to Christina and why? How dare you?" He said indignantly.

"How dare me? How dare You? Who are you to disrespect a woman's feeling like this? How can you insult a woman's love like this?" I stared at him, fighting to recover my sense of peace.

"What is it to you, by the way? Are you a self-appointed person who has taken responsibility for all women commitment issues?" He demanded sharply.

"I am a woman too, and I respect relationships, for me words like marriage, love, commitment means something, and I can't see someone making fun of those things in front of me."

"Then turn your face away and don't listen to such things. People don't need your expert advice." He retorted.

"How about you for a change, start seeing what people feel around you and how they bow their heads in front your every whims and fancies." I denied straight away. "How can you keep on living with a girl and Not marry her?"

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