Chapter 8

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This is what happened few months ago... this is what changed me forever ...

My journey from my past things which led me to change from a naive girl with romantic dreams ... to a mature successful businesswoman...

I met Enrique through pure coincidence; it was nature playing the role. All signs and the flukes were there. Why? Simply because we were looking for those signs and coincidences to fulfill our dreams. Was he perfect for me? Or was I perfect for him? Yes, we thought so then, but how come we are not together today? We are not facing the world or creating one of our own the way we believed. Then what happened... Why did destiny bring us together? Why did I not meet Rafe first, fall in love and marry him? Or, why I had to meet Enrique, fall in love and then separate from him and go through all that heartbreak? Why?

Meeting Rafe was not a coincidence; it was a practical, well-thought decision by my father. He knew Rafe for some time, and he wanted us to get married. He saw all the qualities in Rafe that he wanted in my husband. My father said that he knew in his heart that Rafe would be the one who would keep me happy all my life. So, he sent me to the same conference where my father was sure that I would meet Rafe, before he would discuss this topic with us.

But I was not ready... I was not ready to believe in love again... To trust someone again... After what Enrique did to me... I felt shattered, like pieces of broken glass beyond repair, and if someone tried putting them together, they would end up hurting their own hands.

And one day came when everything... Everything was falling apart... My career, my love, my family, my health, everything... I was not a weak person, but at that time, one blow after another, the wounds that Enrique gave me, left me emotionally vulnerable. I wouldn't have survived if not for my family and Rafe...

I thought what I felt for Enrique was the strongest kind of love. His love was necessary for me to survive to be happy. But when he became so insensitive and left me alone to die, I never could have imagined that it was not his love which gave me the strength to breathe again, it was my family's strength, my husband's strength, my God's strength, my friends' strength... And my very OWN strength.

They helped me to trust their faith when Enrique destroyed mine, they helped me to believe in their judgment when Enrique wrecked mine, and I was terrified to make any of my own, they helped me to have faith in their love and take a risk to move on with life...

And one day, it happened like that,

Doctors told us that my grandfather wouldn't survive for more than a few days. We shifted him from ICU to his 5-star stay hospital room. He was getting one the best health care that anyone could buy in America, but money can't buy everything. And apart from being one of the richest and influential families of the country, there was nothing else that doctors could do. But, those last few days had been more than hell to me, and, Enrique's insensitive and rude attitude made it worse. He was no longer the same person I knew. I was waiting for him to change, to show me that he cared. But he never really did. He made many mistakes, but I always forgave him, in the name of love. When I needed him the most and asked him to prove his love for the first time in 19 years, he deceived me and ran away.

Earlier that day my grandfather called me inside in the ICU. He held my hand and told me that before he leaves this world, he wanted to see me married it would give him peace of mind that I was happily married to someone I love. I thought about Enrique, the only person I truly loved and saw myself getting married to, but I don't trust him now. Should I give our love one more chance? Can I trust him again? Will our love be strong enough for him to choose the right path? Did he really care? He said he loves me; he said he doesn't see his future without me, he said he saw two kids and the vacation home of ours in Spain in the future.

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