Chapter 14

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She heard footsteps approaching her

Two females along with Rafe enters the room

The youngest one I am assuming Rafe sister a beautiful dark-haired girl strode confidently into the room all sweet, bright eyes with a pink soft glow, sweet voice. She was tall and dark-haired, everything about her immaculately groomed, along with the warmth of her olive skin and her eyes has a warmness too, her hair elegantly sleeked back, her face free of all but the lightest touch of make-up. And she was wearing a mauve block coloured pencil skirt with a white mesh top and camisole.

And the older one was wearing a Dolce & Gabbana grey business suit in gorgeous silk. Warm yet calculating. She seemed to be the one who has made lots of sacrifices in her life for her morals and values. Althea Valdez is a strong woman who has made her place in the Business world and raising the standards high for others. She seemed to be a woman in command of her own life. She is not a woman who needs to be saved. She is a glorious Althea that showed the world what a woman is capable of if it comes to protecting her family and establishing her identity.

He was 10 minutes late as he entered the office. There was something about him that brought all my protective defences to the fore. An intrinsic quality that went beyond the physical impact of the man.

"I hope you haven't been waiting long. Let me introduce you to my aunt Althea Valdez and my sister Saskia Valdez." He announced, introducing Reanna first to the older of the two women and then the younger one.

I stood to greet them "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms Valdez and Saskia,' Reanna began, but immediately Althea shook her head chidingly.

"You can call me Althea, dear" Rafe aunt declared

And at that moment Rafe and I both sneezed together.

"Bless you Both. It seems like you were both drenched in snow last night. Were you both together?" Saskia said while winking at us "Both of you caught cold."

I looked at Rafe, and he was looking back at me, maybe he remembered our confrontation of the previous night too. Suddenly the flash of him swaying me away from the car to save my life came to my mind.

Rafe's sister came and hugged me, and she was walking slightly, carefully limping a little. Then I recalled what Rafe told me about his sister and the accident in the hospital. "Finally, I am meeting the famous Reanna. I heard how you made my brother speechless and shouted at him. Omg, I would have given anything to see that. It NEVER happens!!! Sometimes I feel he needs someone who can show him his place; he is becoming too bossy."

"Saskia!" Rafe said with a warning sign.

"See he is doing it again! I know he can be the Godzilla at times, but I adore him, he is the best brother in the world." Saskia said.

Reanna looked at the playful exchange between the brother and sister, and clearly, Rafe adores her too. She is warm and outgoing, and I felt an instant liking towards her too.

"I understand the emotion." I smiled and whispered in a low voice, "I call him Count Dracula in some of my scary dreams."

Are they really brother and sister? How can such a warm, sweet girl be a sister of someone like Rafe? Why is he always in a bad mood with me?

She gave me a grin and thumbs up sign "It's even better!!! Obviously, Godzilla doesn't have brains, and my brother is super intelligent with the ego as big as the size of a continent." She said, turning back to her aunt and Rafe "I love her Rafe. She is my kind of a person." She turned back to look at me "Why don't you come over to the party I am throwing this weekend. You will love it bring along your date. Here, take my number we will finalise the details over the call."

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