You get caught making out

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Who?: By your best friend Billie [Ellish] and his best friend Josh [Ovalle]

Where?: the bathroom

Billie: "Oh shit my bad."

- ^She left right away but couldn't stop laughing

Josh: "What the hell? Finn are you cheating on me?!"

Finn: "gO aWaY!1¡1!1!¡"

Who?: his mom

Where?: In his room

Jaeden's Mom (Angela): "JESUS CHRIST"

Jaeden: "mOm it's-"

Angela: "Jaeden, lets talk."

Who?: Your older sisters (Kim and Khloe)

Khloe: "Y/n Kardashian you little slut!" (ITS IN A JOKING WAY DONT CRY)

Kim: "Khloe shut up she finally has a boyfriend let her be!"

Y/n: "Can you please now?"

Kim: "No I wanna enjoy this!"

Y/n: "I think your kids are calling"

Khloe: "No they aren't."


-best part is you were recording for the show that day so they caught it all on camera

Who?: the entire losers club

Where?: at a cabin you were hanging out at

Jack: "Damn I need a girlfriend."

Jermey: "disgusTANGG."

Sophia: "GET SOME WYATT!¡!1¡1!¡"

Jaeden: "Ew that's gross."

Finn: "I really thought you hated her."

Wyatt: "Just gEt out..all of you."

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