Phone Calls From Home

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Will had just gotten back from class and was glad to see that Lily was still in class. She had heard Lily been talking about her especially about her relationship with David which drove Will crazy. Lily made it seemed that David was her friend and She walked into her throwing her backpack on the floor and  grabbing a granola bar from her stock pile. Will had gone to her headshot shoot for the modeling company. It was a lot of fun and could definitely see herself doing it especially if it gave her a little extra money especially to cover some school. Will had also taken notice to her following grabbing especially after she posted that picture with Cindy and then the picture of all the girls circulating. 

It felt nice to actually creating a name for herself other than the girl that David Dobrik seemed to keep around. Of course, she had comments telling her that the only reason why she was becoming a model was because David which Will did not know how to take it to be honest. Talking about the vlogger, she had not seen him since they had left from the party. Cindy had talked her into staying with her which was fun and a nice break from everyone. She had talked to him on and off but they really had not seen each other. Will knew David was busy and that was okay with her.

Will heard her phone going off from where she threw it on her comforter. She ran a hand through her hair and looked the screaming phone seeing the name "daddy" come up. Will had been not talking to her dad not as much lately not because she was avoiding him... but rather she did not know how to explain everything. Will knew that he would be proud of her but it was difficult to explain. She bit her lip and then picked up the phone, "hey daddy"

"hey baby girl" she felt calming voice of her dad. It had been just them and being away from him was so hard but it was what she needed. Growing up is hard.

"what's up daddy?" she said sitting on her bed 

"We haven't talk in a while" Will bit her lip harder before letting out her breath.

"I know. I've been crazy busy lately..."

"Yeah I've been told"

"You have?" Will stopped swinging her feet

"Some of the girls saw me at the supermarket and asked me some questions"


"Well first Gwen wants to know how is being a model? Then Natalie, the girl from the down street, wants to know if you are dating some boy"

Will let out a little laugh, "well as I told you it's been really crazy here...."

"Willow Rae..."

"I know.... so I happen to get a modeling contract here"


"Yeah so I just been getting to know the other girls and it's crazy daddy" she said, "I just never imagined seeing my face in magazines..."

"Just make sure to stand up for yourself baby"

"Always" she said. Will had never really struggled speaking up but she did struggle when her teachers began speaking against the stubborn child. It created an even more stubborn child but she turned out to be a good kid regardless what many thought she would become.

"Now what is it about a boy?"

"Ah" Will said and then paused, "I was hoping you would forget...." 

"Will, I just want you to be happy"

Will nodded even though she knew her father could not see the action, "I know. I don't know what it is right now... you don't have to worry" 

"That doesn't help"

Will laughed, "he's a good kid... I want to figure this all out before I ramble onto you. You get me?" she asked. How do describe that your crush that everyone is watching your relationship on a website. Not to mention that supposed boy happens to own his own house, Tesla and still financially well off. It was unheard of in her Texas hometown. Plus Will was still processing the fact her and David had ended up kissing. It was their secret that they haven't even talked about.

"Yeah baby I do" he said chuckling.

"Thanks daddy" she said

"Will I see you soon kid"

"Yeah I hope so" she said

"everyone miss you. It's too quiet"

Will laughed, "I miss everyone. It's too loud here sometimes"

"I expect more phone calls. Don't forget about me"

"Never" Will said quietly into the phone.

"Love you baby. Study hard. Have fun"

"Love you daddy" she said before pressing the end call button. Will bit her lip and grabbed her pillow. She wished that Texas was not so far away from LA but this was good for her. Will has grown as a person and figured so much out by herself. She had always been independent but she missed her dad. He was the only person in her life growing up and she felt more guilty leaving behind. He made the girl promise that she would never come just for him. 

Will knew that this place was great for her and knew that she would have never be doing what she was in Texas. It was just a price to pay. Will looked toward the door hearing the familiar sound of a key unlocking. Lily came in, "hey girl"

"hey Lily" Will muttered

"When is David coming by?"

"I don't know" she said biting her lip. This was the familiar conversation between the two girls. Lily never really asked Will how she was doing more so what her friends were doing. Will had known the girl was kinda telling people about her so-called "friendship" with Will's friend and why she was not in the vlog because she had not asked. It angered that Lily treated the people that she had found to be family here as nonhuman beings which sucked. Will felt her phone vibrate from her hand causing her to look down. She hid her smile seeing the familiar name.

Dobrik: You free tonight?

Will: maybe

Dobrik: Please

Will: Since you asked nicely..... no.... sure only because I pity you

Dobrik: wow modeling changed you

Will: I'll be there soon.