Another Friday Night

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It was another Friday night but this Friday night was different. It was the weekend before everyone left for break meaning everyone was excited. Her school friends had convinced her to go out. She was texting David that she would get the address for him once she figured out where they were going. Her mind kept going back to the conversation that she had with the girls at brunch. She just did not want to ruin it with someone that had easily become her best friend here. 

Will had decided to put on a pair of plaid pants and a plain white crop topped with her usual tennis shoes. Her hair was left down in it's usual. She put a light amount of makeup on her face to accent her blue eyes. Will was dancing around helping the other girls ready while sipping on a mixed drink. 

"So what is David Dobrik like?" Lily's one friend asked

Will stopped dancing the music, "he's just like any other person". She should of figured that this would come up especially because she knew Lily had watched the videos. That had been a hot topic lately for the two roommates to converse about. The girl kept asking too many questions about Will's friend and what all his friends were really like. She had tried to explain to her that they were just a group of friends like any other. 

"Is he good in bed?" Sophia had asked. Will had met her during orientation and had quite liked her bluntness.

"wouldn't know" Will said taking a long drink. She turned away to look at herself in the mirror.

"Really?" Lily asked. 

Will turned to look at her with a peculiar look on her face, "Yes Lily" 

"So you would not mind if I-" Lily started watching for Will's reaction.

Will bit her lip and shook her head, "no go ahead" she managed to squeak out. Will grabbed her drink again finishing it before she went to pour herself another one. This one would be a little stronger. 

"Is David coming tonight" Sophia asked 

"I don't know" Will said, "he has some stuff to do" 

"You gotta definitely set a girl up Will" Lily told her with a smile on her face. Will could feel her eyes twitching basically. She did not really say anything. 


By the time the girls had managed to leave their dorm room, Will was definitely drunk. She felt light and could care less on what Lily had said. They had arrived to the house with Will bumbling in. She went to the dance floor with a few of the other girls.

Will moved her body along to the music. Her whipped back and forth as she rolled her hips to the beat the music. Willow felt a pair of hands grabbed her hips pulling her close. She looked over her shoulder seeing a boy. Will swatted him away before she walked to find the bar. She grabbed a cheap beer from a boy giving him a look. 

Willow's mood had really been ruined by earlier. She did not get what bother her about it except the fact that Lily was seeming even less of a friend lately. The girl loved to boast about the fact that David seemed to stick around their room. Will did not get it and how the girl could insert herself into it all when in all reality, she knew nothing. 

Her body took her outside sitting down on a step. She ran a hand through her hair before pulling out her phone from her back pocket. Will saw several messages from random people asking where she was going out tonight. She had received a flux of messages lately figuring that she would be out with David. It was quite annoying to find people were using her for a possibility of seeing the puppy dog of a man. 

Will finally got to David's messages seeing that he was asking where she was. She bit her lip before pressing the call button. She drew circles on her knee waiting for him to pick up.

"Willow?" she heard the familiar voice of David Dobrik.

"Hey Dave" she said trying to sound more cheerful, "what's up?" 

"I was about to call you to see what you were up to" he said and then added, "are you okay?" 

"Yeah I was actually wondering if you wanna have a sleepover tonight" maybe it was the alcohol talking or maybe she was that lonely. She bit her lip waiting to hear his answer.

"Really?" David asked kinda stuttering the words, "I mean yeah sure"

"David" she said twirling a piece of her hair, "can we please do it at yours because there are gonna be a whole bunch of girls at mine tonight"

"Of course" David told her, "I'll make Natalie get some snacks"

"Actually why don't you just pick me up and we can go to sev or something" she said.

"Sounds good" David spoke, "Pick you at your dorm"

"Sounds good bub" she said before hanging up the phone. Will pushed her way through the party trying to find one of the girls. She finally found Sophia chatting up a frat brother.

"Hey I'm gonna go. Something came up" she said offering a small smile.

"Alright girl" she said not really paying attention to her but rather the boy that was in front of her, "get home safe"

"Yeah cya" Will said before walking out the door. She sent a quick message to the group chat not really depending on a drunk girl to remember her message. Willow walked quickly the short distance to her dorm. She grabbed a bag shoving random items in it. Willow changed from her outfit to a pair of sweatpants and a Clickbait hoodie that David had given her during a colder evening. Willow pulled the hood over her head and waited to hear the familiar ping from her phone. 


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