Afternoon Surprises

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Will could not believe the last 24 hours of her life. Somehow she got reached out  by several modeling agencies but the one stood out to her. IMG had called her during her class asking if they could have a meeting with her. This was definitely not what she was expecting when she moved to LA to go to school for fashion. She always figured that she would be the one behind the camera not in front of it. 

Will was sitting in class with her phone on her lap as she paid half attention to the what was happening in front of her. This was her last class before her weekend started. She had been told it was a weekend of celebrating of getting her modeling gig. Will was honestly so lost in it all but was grateful for everything that had happened. 

She felt her phone go off before smiled seeing the familiar contact name pop up on her phone. Will quickly open the message and saw the words, "sorry 🙃". She bit her lip for a second before all of sudden the sounds of a Mariachi band started playing outside the classroom. Will felt her mouth dropped as the door open to Zane and Todd dancing around. She put a hand to her mouth to see David standing in the doorway with his camera facing her. 

Will heard the whispers around her but stayed silent playing it off as she did not know them. That plan seemed to work until Zane grabbed her hand pulling her up with him. She looked toward David mouthing the words, "I'm gonna kill you". Will did not dare to look at anyone else especially her professor knowing her cheeks were a bright red. Willow let out a little screech when Todd threw her over his shoulder.

"Let's go David. We stole your girlfriend" Todd said making a beeline for the door. 

"Not dating" David told him

"yet" Todd said turning the corner. Will's head happen to hit the side of the door, "ow"

Zane shut the door, "have a great weekend everybody".

Will put a hand to her head already feeling the bump, "Well there goes my modeling career. Thanks Todd"

David pointed the camera at her, "thanks for ruining probably my only chance at dating a model Todd"

"You know for supposedly being my friends... you really don't care that you just hit my head on a door after you kidnapped me from my class" Will said hitting Todd's back, "now let me down"

Todd set her down on her feet before Zane took her cheeks with his hands inspecting her now bruised head. Will put a pout on her face and looked at David, "bub Toddy hurt me" she said quietly.

Todd let his mouth drop, "That's not fair" 

Will turns to look at him, "ya'll won't stop bothering us about dating but the moment I look toward David for comfort you throw a fit"

"He'll murder me" Todd said in his defense. David grabbed Will and pulled her into his chest causing Will to let out a squeak but wrapped her arms around him.

"You're lucky that I don't have a paintball gun" David said in fake threatening voice. Will laughed and let go of David. She pulled away but David pulled her back letting his arm fall around her shoulders. Will looked up at him to see him laughing at Zane and Todd as they walked down the hallway. She bit her lip and looked away.

"Ya know bub, you are gonna have to write a nice apologetic email to my professor so I can show my face and not fail that class" 

David looked at her giving her his most charming smile, "Natalie is already working on it... she just needs to get the email address"

"So how did you happen to find out where my class is?" she asked

"I asked Lily" David said shrugging. Will scrunched up her nose at the thought of David talking to her roommate. David looked at her, "Is that okay?" he whispered

She looked back up at him with a neutral tone, "well you are your own person so feel free" she told him with a smile.

"Really" he asked running his hand through his hair, "I don't want upset you"

Will shrugs off his arm and ran ahead to Zane and Todd. She laughed as they spun her around, "guys we gotta stop by my dorm so we can drop off my stuff" she said.

She skipped the whole way with the boys trailing behind her. Will was just hoping that Lily was not there in the room. The two girls had barely anything to talk about and Will basically found out a lot of stupid things came out of her mouth about Will. She was sorta confused and did not want to deal with it. Plus, Will knew what it came down to and that was the fact Willow Rae Duchanne had a huge crush on David stupid Dobrik and her roommate was out for the kill. Will had listened to Lily talk about other girls and how mean she could get. 

They had finally got back to her room. Will put her bag down before changing into a black shirt and a pair of high waisted jean shorts. Will threw her cropped black jean jacket over it and left her bag on the bed to grab it. Her hair was left in its usual hairstyle of falling naturally. She was finishing up her makeup in the bathroom before  knock came at the door, "I'm almost ready".

"Can you open the door for a second" she heard David's voice call from inside the door.

Will looked at herself before sighing and putting her lipgloss down. She pulled opened the door before David pushed himself into her small bathroom. Will pushed a hand through her hair and looked at him. David stared back at her before slowly moving closer to her. Will took a deep breath in before pushing him away gently. David put his hands on her waist before connecting his lips to hers. They stayed connected for a second before David pulled away looking at her, "I'm sorry?".

Will looked at him not knowing what to say. She bit her lip and continued to stare at him. David removed his hand and snapped  his fingers in front of her face.

"What was that?" she whispered to him

"Uh I kissed you" David whispered back.

"Why" she asked still with her hands on his chest.

"Well if you haven't caught on already... Will I like you like a lot" 

"That's nice" 

"Seriously" David asked letting his hands fall from her waist. 

Will grabbed onto his shirt so he couldn't move, "no wait....ahhhhhhhhh" she said letting out a small more internal scream. David looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

"Alright. alright" she said before looking him in the face again, "I mean I guess..... yeah. Wow you probably thought I was so smooth. Definitely down the drain"

David let out a laugh, "shut up" he told her before kissing her once again. Will this time kissed him back before pulling away, "we tell no one Dobrik" she said before giving him a peck on the corner of his lips. Will looked at herself before reapplying some more lipgloss, "come on bub. Let's go meet some models" she said walking out of the bathroom. 

Will walked out to see Todd and Zane routing through her stuff, "come creeps. Let's go meet some models". She walked ahead of them hiding her stupid grin on her face.