Bets with Models

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Will was sitting in the backseat of the Tesla after Zane had claim the front as hit. She was singing along with the song coming from the speakers. 

"So are we really partying with models tonight?" Todd asked looking over at her

"Don't you already hang out with models?"

Todd nods, "yeah... I guess so" 

"It's gonna be the same people there..... Cindy literally hangs out with your friends" 

Zane turned around, "now you are one of them"

Will looked at him, "I would like to think that I was one of you before" she said running a hand through her hair. Will looked at the mirror seeing that David was looking at her. She raised an eyebrow at him before sitting back against the seat. 


Will had changed into a white blouse and jeans before she left after seeing what the other girls were wearing from their social media. The house no mansion they were at was huge. Will could not believe that this was her life. As soon as she stepped in the door, the girls dragged her outside onto the patio and began to get to know her. 

Will had been at the party and was actually enjoying her time with the other girls. She had put some distance between her and David. Will was confused by everything that had happened in that day. She had a drink in her hand and kept taking long sips. Will was not that great in situations like these. Everyone already basically knew each other and they all wanted to know her which was difficult. She was better in smaller groups. Will just wished that she had more alcohol in her system. 

Willow was shaken from her thoughts by Cindy grabbing her arm. She looked up at her new beautiful friend.

"Come on babe let's take a picture" she exclaimed, "wait"

Willow turned to look at Cindy who pulled out her red lipstick from her bag, "now we will match!" she exclaimed.

Will smiles and handed one of the other girls her phone. The two girls posed in front of a cool wall both of them giving a pout on their face.  They took a few photos before all the girls decided they needed a picture. 

The whole feeling of being smashed between some one of the most beautiful girls that she had ever met was crazy. Never in a million years did Will think that she would be here. They all sat on the couch staring at 

Willowrae: my mom is better than your mom

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Willowrae: my mom is better than your mom

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Wolfiecindy: Don't talk to me or my son ever again

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