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It was late by the time that she had managed to get into her Uber. She had gotten stopped in the hallway by one of the girls that was in her class. She needed help with one of their projects that she had managed to get done in between one her jobs.

Will got out of her Uber and gave them a quick thank you before heading up to the large home owned by the vlogger. She's pressed the button and pulled her bag on her shoulder. Willow could barely blink before the door was open. She looked up from her shoes before she was pulled from her feet. Her bag fell to the ground and she let out a yelp from the sudden movement.

Will wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Willow felt her back hit the wall. She looked at him, "what are you do-" but was cut off by his lips. Will let out a moan and kissed him back. Will pulled away, "wow their buddy"

David looked at her, "no one is here" he told her.

Willow unwound her legs from his waist letting her feet reached the ground. She took her hands from his neck and pushed him away. Will grabbed her bag from the ground, "I ain't here for that" she told him walking inside.

David grabbed her hand, "I know" he told her.

Will dragged him into his living room, "so what are we doing tonight" she asked.

David shrugged, "I wanted to hang out with you" he said squeezing her hand.

Will let go of his hand and threw her bag onto the couch, "where's Natalie"

"Her boyfriend" David answered and leaned again the counter looking at the beautiful girl.

"What are we doing David" she asked him

"I told you. I like you" he said

Will bites her lip, "I know.... what are we?"

David bit his lip and looked at her from his eyelashes. Will sighed, "bub... I like you"

He confined to look at her waiting to see if anything would be said from the blue eyed girl. She looked at him before walking over to him. It was weird to her how comfortable she had gotten to him so fast. It was easy almost too easy and that was what frightened her. It was not like she liked him immediately but instead she found comfort in him. Will sauntered over and put her hands on the counter behind him. She let her body lean against him. Willow let her hand work up his chest to his face.

Her hand caressed his face and rest on his cheek. She stared into his puppy dog eyes that looked into her blue eyes. Will gave him a smile that let him know everything was alright.

"Would you like to go on a date with me Dobrik?" She asked

He smiled and nodded, "yes. How about right now?" He asked her

Her eyebrows furrowed, "what?"

"Come on let's go"

"I'm not dressed" she said. She get David's eyes rake over black jeans and cropped top. Her feet were clad in a pair of vans.

"It's perfect. Just you and me... no one has to know" he told her.

"Can I drive us?" She asked knowing the perfect place to go

"You want to drive the Tesla?" He asked. She knew he was surprised because she had never mentioned it before.

"Yeah. I just know the perfect spot" she told him.