"Just Call Me Your Co-Director"

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David held onto her hand and walked into the big home. Will stayed close to them already hearing the music and laughter of people from inside. She quickly pushed a hand through her hair. Will was a little nervous, she had watched the videos and seen how much people seemed to love this group of people. To be the outsider seemed very intimating to Will even though the girl had come off as someone that always had a comment back. 

The pair walked through into the living room when Will let go of David's hand. She quickly let her hand drop to her side and looked at everyone as they seemed to turn to look at the pair. Willow Mae had recognized a few of the faces from the videos that she had watched in her dorm room. The one person that she recognized was Liza. Lily had let her know about David's relationship with Liza. She kinda understood it all but at the same time she didn't. Will just hoped that she was not just invited here by David to be a flashy piece to make Liza jealous. 

"David. Who did you bring?" A very handsome tan man said in a very taunting voice.

"Will" Jason exclaimed from his spot on the couch with a what look liked a very bubbly blonde, "she's the girl that fell off the bar"

"Did not know that would define me" she muttered to herself. 

David looks at her giving a smile, "this is Willow Mae"

Will did a little curtsy and gave an easy smile to them all, "Just Will" her southern accent coming through.

"OH BABY. She's a southern baby" a man with a cowboy hat exclaimed 

Willow laughed, "Texan raised baby" she said making finger pistols and pretending to shoot them in the air . Will blushed out of embarrassment. 

David laughed and put a hand on the small of her back guiding her to the group, "so that's Trisha, you know Jason, Todd, Corinna, Kristen, Scott, Liza, Mariah, Heath and Zane" he said naming them all. 

"Wow. I ain't remember all that so sorry if I happen to ask you again" she said.

David, "so is everyone ready to film?" 

Will looked up at him with a questionable glance, "What are we filming?" she asked

"Oh baby. We are going on a wild ride tonight" Zane said grabbing the bottle from the table 

"I'm underage" Will said throwing up her hands

"And we all did not see you dancing up on a bar looking very 'sober'" 

"That wasn't me. That was another girl" Will said throwing her hair over shoulder with a smirk on her face. She heard a strong 'mhmmmm' from the people around her. Will was actually feeling like she could be her usual sarcastic self with these people. 

"Well I guess you can be sober with David" Heath said with a shrug. Zane and Heath both took swigs from the bottle before giving it to the others. 

Will looked at David, "just call me your co-director" she said with a wink before skipping off to talk to the others. 


The next hour had happened to be a whirlwind of events. Will had gotten to know everyone better by them getting drunker and drunker by the minute. She enjoyed Kristen and Corinna's presence by their sudden love for the southern girl. They had pulled her away complimenting every feature of her. Will had known she was pretty especially her eyes that stuck out of her pale complexion and dark hair. Will had also had the girls asking about her relationship with David. Will had a great laugh about it. She had tried to explain that it was really nothing really. They just got along after a night that ended in burgers.