A Grocery Clerk

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Will ran down the stairs to the familiar white Tesla at the curb. She walked casually to car before  throwing open the door, "David Julien Dobrik" she said watching him jump at her sudden appearance.

"Willow Rae Duchane" David said casually, "are you drunk?" he asked

"A little" she said giving him a little grin 

"and you decided to leave the party and come with me... why?" 

Will put her hand on his cheek, "Because somewhere deep down inside of me bub is a place that  enjoys your presence" she said 


Will kept her expression blank, "no I'm lying" she said and then bit her lip

David let out a smile, "so snacks?" he asked

"Yes!" she said, "can we get so much candy?"

"Of course" David said and started driving on the way to the store. Will smiles connecting her phone to the bluetooth and started playing the song "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen. She smirked singing along. Will looked over at David before poking his cheek causing him to sing along with her. She put a hand on his chin and turned his head toward her. Will kept singing along giggling a little. She wiggled her nose against his and let his chin go. 

Willow and David continued to sing along to different songs that she played. They pulled up to the grocery store and Will hopped out of the car. She waited for David to come around before she hopped on his back. Will wrapped her arms around his neck put her chin on his shoulder, "what movie tonight bud?" she asked

"Hm you choose" he told her squeezing her leg

"I always choose so it's your choice" she told him 

"Okay. Now what snacks?"

"To the candy aisle my trusty steed" she said and laughed as David began to gallop towards the aisle. She hopped off his back once they got to the aisle and grabbed some different kinds of candy. Will looked up at David with a grin and got up. She smiles, "We need one more thing" she told him. 

Will ran off to the chip aisle. She turned to look to see if David was following her and saw him laughing at her. Will turned back and turned the corner into the aisle. She scanned the aisle and grabbed what she wanted. Willow ran back out held the chips over her head. She jumped and clicked her heels together laughing as she made it to David.

"All this for-" David looked at the bag, "Tostitos Hint of Lime" he asked

"David this is the holy grail of chips" she said, "They need no salsa just pure chip" 

David shook his head but kept his smile on his face. Will nudged him, "I'm paying for these by the way"

"No I got it"

"No I got  it" she said putting all the items on the belt and already taking her card from the back of her phone. She grabbed David's items putting them with hers and looked at the cashier. It was a young kid that looked around the age of 16. His mouth was dropped seeing David at his register.

"Yes, yes David Dobrik" she said

David put his hand over her mouth, "Hey dude" he said

"She's bar dancing girl-"

Will licked David's hand causing David to take his hand away, "No. Will" she said and then looked at David, "I curse you for this"

"and you're David Dobrik. I'm a big fan" he managed to get out. Will bit her lip and watched David interact with the kid. 

"So are you dating?"

Will instantly looked away from David hiding her face. 

"Because everyone thinks you are"  

"We aren't" David said shaking his head and grabbed Will's card from his hand. 

Will gave the kid a smile, "he wishes". She took her card back and grabbed the bag from the area. Will walked out to the car with David trailing behind her. She got inside and hopped into the seat. Will looked over at David, "Davieeeeeeeeeeeee"

David looked at her before they both started laughing. David held out his hand to her causing Will to give him her hand and intertwined their fingers. She gave him a big smile, "so did you happen to figure out which movie?"

"Tarzan?" he asked her

"Yes" Will said, "amazing choice bub". 

Will and David sang along to songs as they got back to his house. She hopped out of the car running to the door. Will tried to get in but found it locked. She looked back waiting for David to come. She let him get to the door before barreling in.

"Shhh I think Natalie is sleeping" he told her and grabbed her hand pulling her to his room. Will let herself be pulled by him. She put the bags on his bed before slipping off her Vans. Will let herself fall onto his bed and hummed to the random song in her head. She stared at the ceiling and then giggled to herself. Will sat up and saw David had changed quickly into comfier clothes. She grabbed his arm and pulled him toward her. 

They both fell back onto the bed with Will giggling underneath his weight. David looks down at her, "You are very funny today"

"I guess" she said, "I just missed you"

"You saw me the other day" David commented

"I know but people suck and you are one of the very few in this world that doesn't" she told him running a hand through his hair. 

David looked at her, "did something happen with your friends?"

"nope" she said popping the 'p'

"Really?" he asked again

"Can we watch Tarzan?" she said giving him a puppy dog look.

"How am I supposed to say no?" he said getting off of her

"That's the point. You aren't" she said and pushed him off of her. She peeled back the covers to his bed and got inside them pulling the candy to her. David grabbed the remote before settling in beside her. Will handed him his candy before curling in her cocoon toward the television.