Brunch with the Ladies

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Will had invited to go out for brunch with the rest of the girls in the usual group. She had rolled out of her dorm room after spending the night before doing school work. Will had break coming up and was more than excited to just had a break. Her dad let her know that he could not the money to get her home and Will did not have the money herself so it looked like a break in LA. She did not mind especially but she missed her old man and definitely the Texan sun. It was sunny in LA but it was not a Texas sun. 

Will had put on a black sweater and then threw her leather jacket on top of the assemble. Her left was left casually down to frame her face. Her makeup was pretty bare just accenting her sharper features. 

Will got out of her Uber and walked inside to the restaurant. She muttered Liza's name at the stand and followed the hostess back to the table. Kristin had happened to not make it that morning due to her not feeling that well.

"Willow" she heard Liza yell seeing the girl. Will gave a big smile and wave to the girls that seemed to be on time. Will could blame her alarm clock and her finger that kept pressing snooze. 

"Darlins'" Willow said giving each one of them a hug before she sat down on the other side of the table, "How are ya'll?"


"Better now that you are here" Corinna said giving her a wink, "How about you. Did someone drop you off?"

Will shook her head, "Nah I took an Uber from my dorm"

"So no sleepover?" Liza asked

Will looked at Liza, "no?"

"You act like we don't see your snaps of you and David at like 3 am" Corinna told her wiggling her eyebrows

Will shrugged, "he edits and I have school work to do" 

"So we, meaning everyone else, were all wondering...." Corinna started

"And I have a feeling that I'm gonna hate this question" Will told her and then looked at them both that had grins on their face.

"Maybe" Corinna said, "so are you and David-"

"Nope" Will said nonchalantly and thanked the waiter for pouring her water. 

"So are we ready to order drinks or anything" the waiter asked

Will smiles knowing already what she was gonna order after looking at the menu on the Uber ride over and looked up at him, "I believe we are. I'm gonna have a vanilla latte with almond milk and then the baked oatmeal" 

The two other girls told their orders and then looked back at Will once he left the table. Will shook her head, "nothing is going on"

"Come on" Corinna said, "Don't lie"

"Seriously" Will told her, "we are just good friends" 

"Will, I dated the boy and I know how he happens to work" Liza said with a smile on her face.

Will scrunched up her face, "It's just nothing is happening and I don't see him that way"

"Lie" Liza said, "you like him look at your reaction. I see the way that you look at each other and interact" 

Will ducked her head hiding her red face from the two of them just hoping the conversation would end.

Corinna smiles, "see if you didn't you wouldn't have that reaction. Come on it's not anything to be embarrassed about"

Will ran a hand through her hair and looked at Liza, "he's your ex boyfriend doesn't this like bother you?" she asked

Liza shrugs, "He's one of my best friends and we wish each other to find happiness in the end of everything. I am moving forward and so is he. That's the best that I can ask for someone that I still love"

"He still loves you though" Will told her, "I am just some random girl that he met at a party"

Corinna looks at her, "So what" she said, "Liza is over here giving her blessing and you are caught up in lies to yourself"

Will looks at both of them, "I'm not lying to myself but I'm not you guys. I don't want to be an influencer. I like just being Willow Rae"

"You would have never stuck around if that was a real problem" Corinna fired back

Will sighed, " I don't want to ruin this" she told them, "I finally have friends here that I can be myself around and David happens to be a big part of that"

Liza nodded, "You should not hold yourself back" she told her, "Don't rush it but don't fight it" 

Corinna smiles nodding along to Liza, "plus you guys would the cutest couple.... Sorry Liza"

Will laughed liking Liza's words about not rushing it but not fighting it. She could know better her feelings toward the puppy dog of a boy. Will had fought most of the crushes she had off and decided that they were only a form of admiration. Maybe this time would be different. 



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Willowmae: Brunch with the ladies 

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User1: @ daviddobrik come get your women

              Willowmae: @ user1 I happen to be my own women. Thank you. 

CorinnaKopf: Gorgeous 

LizaKoshy: Great time with amazing company 

          Willowmae: we will have to go again 

User2: how can someone look like that


Daviddobrik: I can't believe you didn't get me a chocolate croissant 

            Willowmae: sorry bub. It wasn't in my budget 

            Daviddobrik: I would buy you so many chocolate croissant, honey bunches

User4: Oh WOW

User3: HMmmmm