Chapter Thirteen

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Guys, I know I haven't updated in forever. I'm so sorry but I've been a so busy, as last week was my birthday🎂 But I'll try to update more, at least once more this week and I have been working on a new story. :)

Johanna's Pov

Back to college. I was happy to see Clove. Blight, Thresh, Finch, and I had all carpooled since Finch had spent the weekend at District Eleven.

Gale and Madge came the following hour and Annie, Finnick, Katniss, and Peeta came from Hawaii the next day. New Years Eve was today, and we were all having a sleepover at our dorm. Blight and I could sleep in my bunk, since it's the bottom. So could Annie and Finnick. Same as Finch and Thresh as well as Marvel and Glimmer. Since Madge, Clove, and Katniss slept at the top, which if Cato was at the top bunk with Clove it would most likely break, they would sleep on the couch. Gale and Madge took the pull out couch and Kat and Clo took the recliners and would have to lean it back as far as it would go.

We were all partying at our dorm by doing Just Dance and every time Cato lost he would throw pistachio shells at
the winner.
After a while we settle to play Twister, ending up with a screaming Marvel as Thresh went crashing down to him. Marvel wasn't happy.

Finch's Pov

When we finish the game we get even more food and watch TV. We fight over movies, most of the girls want Mean Girls and most of the boys want anything rated R except Axe Murderer Awakens, which only Marvel wants.

Somehow we end up watching that, even though it was one against thirteen. I curl up by Thresh and we watch the movie, but pause it at eleven thirty. We plan our yearly kisses and all brush our teeth, floss, use mouthwash, and other fresh breath essentials. When it gets to midnight we smash against each other. Thresh smells like strawberries. #girly

Peeta's Pov

After the yearly kiss we look at the time and didn't even realize by now it's twelve-twenty. We blast music and get complains from the other people living in the dorm next to us, which we ignore. Kat falls asleep during the middle of Johanna and Gale's thumb war and I carry her to the large recliner. It's so big.

When I wake up I remember it's a whole new year. We have two days until school starts, so we decide to go out. I grab my bag and we all drive out to Starbucks.

Gale's Pov

I actually might be happy to go back to school. We can drink hot chocolate during homeroom and we don't have to run outside. Hopefully.

"Welcome back to class!" I hear Ms. Trinket's peppy voice. Never mind, I'm bored already. I want to complain with Madge, but she's on the other side of the room. Oh, how I hate seating charts. Just because Trinket doesn't want us making googly eyes at each other. We do boring stuff, like reminders of homework, and a play, and- wait a play?!

"It will be an Ancient Egypt play!" she announces. "You all learned about this stuff throughout junior high, and to refresh your memories turn to page eighty seven in your history book!"

I groan with the rest of the class. We go throughout boring, boring things and at the end if the day she announces rolls.

"Alright!" she squeals. "Here are the rolls!"

Cato Hadley- King Pharaoh

Katniss Everdeen- Queen Pharaoh

Clove Kentwell- Pharaoh Hatshepsut

Peeta Mellark- Pharaoh Thutmose II

Johanna Mason- Nefribity, Hatshepsut's sister

Glimmer Belcourt- Neferure, Hatshepsut and Thutmose's daughter

Marvel Spears, Annie Cresta, and Finch Crossly - Doctors that help give birth to Neferue

Finnick Odair- man who fights for Hapshetsut

Gale Hawthorne- Thutmose's servant

Madge Undersee- Hapshetsut's servant

Thresh Sparrow - main fighter

Blight Lightwood- Holy Egyptian Priest

Others- fighters and maids

Man, I'm a freakin servant for Peeta.

I think Katniss is pretty unhappy that Peeta's getting married to Clove, and same goes for the four of them.

Miss Trinket really knows how to mix and match the wrong couples.

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