Chapter Twelve

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Katniss's Pov

Peeta and I left for the airport at nine in the morning two days later. Prim was especially upset that we only got five days together, but I promised to visit ASAP. Peeta and I only got three days in Hawaii, since we were celebrating New Years with the group.

We farewell mom and Prim goodbye and I excitedly jump on the plane. "Looks like someone's excited," Peeta chuckles. "Yep," I say. We take our seats and fight for the window. I win, but have to repay Peeta three kisses. As we do the first, a boy who looks about nine, yells, "Gross! PDA!"

My face turns red and someone who looks like his grandmother drags him to his seat, behind us. Oh goodie. Every time we would lean in the boy would stand over his seat and gag. His grandmother, a quiet woman, would usher him to sit down. About half way through the movie we were watching I saw a girl walk to the boy and the grandmother. Wait. That girl was Annie!

"Annie!" I say, waking Peeta. "Katniss, Peeta!" she cries. "Shhhh!" a bunch of people snap. Well then.

Annie and I hug and she grins. "Where are you heading?" she ask. "Hawaii!" At that she squeals and she introduces us, to her grandmother Mags and brother Jake. Now I know why I hardly went to Annie's unless she told me her brother wouldn't be home. "Annie, those two are distracting me!" he tattles. Annie shakes her head. "Jake, mind your own business!" she says. "Peeta, want to trade seats? Finnick's over there eating sugar cubes and would be happy for you to join.

Peeta looks disappointed but agrees. Annie and I spend the next two hours talking.

Annie's Pov

It's a coincidence I ran into my best friend but sadly we didn't get the same hotel. Ours was probably a ten minute drive, twenty tops. But we made arrangements to visit each other at the beach and some good restraunts. "C'mon, Anns," Finnick says, pulling our luggage. "Help me!" I grab the smallest suitcase and my purse and simply walk through the lobby as he trudges through with a fat suitcase and a miniature one, full of sugar cubes. I told him earlier that he didn't need that many for a three day trip, but he protested.

"Wow, Finn!" I exclaim. Our hotel is big, with a large TV that we probably weren't going to use, two beds, a couch, and a kitchen. It was kind of like our dorm, but smelled better, considering I live with an axe girl who sweats all day and Katniss Everdeen, who sleep talks. Clove doesn't help much either, usually waking up screaming from nightmares.

But I'm not going to tell that to the poor girl.

"You like it?" Finnick asks, interrupting my thoughts. I grin and throw a hug at him. "Of course!"

The next day I was awaken by Finnick crunching sugar cubes in my face. I shriek and fall of my bed, and he laughs so loud I've gone deaf. "Finnick!" I yell. "Sorry," he says, chuckling. "C'mon, let's go down to the at breakfast place and then we'll meet Kat and Peet at the beach, the one by the fish taco place."

I wonder how many times Finnick has been to Hawaii with his family.

At the breakfast placed I order grilled pineapple slices and pancakes. Finnick orders the same but spends most of his time eating the sugar cubes he brought.


"Kat!" I run fast and almost knock her off her feet. She's there with loads of things, and she laughs. "Hey, Ann!" "Sup, man!" Finn greets. He and Peeta do that back-slap-hug-hand-shake thingy majig and we settle our stuff downs. Kat and I tan a bit while the boys make sandcastles and eat sugar cubes. I'm relaxing when I feel a cold bucket over me as I scream.

Finnick is laughing above me, and pulls me up. "C'mon! Let's surf!" I'm still mad at him but agree.

The waves were awesome. High, not to cold, and amazing. "Watch this, Annie!" I watch Finnick show off and try to copy his moves. I almost get it and he cheers.

Peeta's Pov

It's so weird coming from freezing District Twelve to warm Hawaii in the Capitol. The hot sand feels nice, and I bring some cheese buns out.

"Peeta!" Katniss loves cheese buns. I laugh and hand over a tray, where she eats ten like crazy. I had baked two dozen when I stopped by at home and apparently my brothers didn't miss me. Shame.

By the time Finnick and Annie come back there are only four left, considering Katniss had eleven and I had nine in the past hour. They're so good.

Glimmer's Pov

Marvel and I decide to meet Cato and Clove. We spent Christmas with our families, and I adore Marvel's sisters. They love my fashion sense and Marvel was complaining all weekend how I was talking with Jena and Jenny, the twins that are a year younger.

We got in his car and I pull my sweater over myself. Man, it's freezing.

"You okay, Glim?" Marvel asks. He puts his arm around me and I smile. I look on my phone to see Kat, Peet, Finn, and Ann all at the warm beach. I'm immediately jealous. They're all surfing, eating sugar cubes and cheese buns, and here we are in the freezing snow. I have fashiony winter clothes, but my new diamond bikini is way cuter, oh if only they were generous enough to offer me a ticket.

It takes twenty minutes to arrive at District Two Street, which should only be a ten minute drive. Dumb snow.

I would visit Madge, but with this weather the traffic would take forever and Finch is with her little sister, Nightlock.

We bang in Cato's door and his brother opens it. I don't like his brother. "Hey, friends of the famous Cato Hadley," Jacob says. "Apparently he's busy."

"Just let them in, Jacob!" his mother shouts. He rolls his eyes and scoots over. "Hey, Mrs. Hadley," we greet. "Hi," she says. "Cato's in his room." She doesn't seem very happy.

"Cato!" we shout, as we walk up the stairs. He opens the door and let's us in. "Hey, guys!" I wrinkle my nose at him. "When was the last time you took a shower?" He grins. "With Clove."

My eyes widen and Marvel high fives him and whistles. "Seriously?" I shriek. "Yeah," Cato says, as we sit in his bed. "She wore a wet suit and then our parents came in, complaining that I wasn't home in the hour, saw what happened and screamed, gave me a lecture and some grounding even though we don't live in the same house anymore, and then she got grounded."

We talk for a while and we all walk to Clove's house. We're going back to college today so we can celebrate New Years next week. Plutarch smiles at us but his eyes flare at Cato. He does a small wave and a weak smile. "Hey, Mr. Heavensbee," he says, trying to be polite as possible. We all just stand there at the door, since Plutarch makes no move to invite us in.

We all awkwardly stand there in the freezing snow until Mrs. Kentwell comes. "Plutarch!" she shrieks. "Don't just stand there! Let the poor children come in!" I stifle a laugh at what she calls us, "poor children."

He glares at Cato once more and Mrs. Kentwell hands us hot coffee. Mmmmm. "Thanks," I say, excepting the cup. "Of course," she says. "My daughter's upstairs."

When we reach Clove's door I'm bombarded with hugs. "Glimmer!" she says. "Clove!" I say back. We hug and she sees Marvel. "Idiot!" she says, hugging him. "Hey!" Marvel says, putting a hand to his heart. "Hurtful!"

"Sorry about the other day, Clover," Cato says, putting an arm around her. She grins. "Was Plutarch giving you a hard time?"

Cato chuckles. "A bit."

We catch up on what has happened and I fiddle with the charm bracelet Marvel gave me. It gold with little golden diamonds hanging on it. I love it.

We laugh and drive back to college. Plutarch whispers for me to keep an eye in Cato and Clove, yet he says it loud enough for Marvel to hear and laugh, Clove to turn red, and Cato to do a nervous chuckle.

After a long drive we pull up with our bags and go to our dorms. Back to college!

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