Chapter One

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Katniss's Pov

I scream with excitement. Although I just saw The Victors two weeks ago, it feels magical.

I greet my boyfriend Peeta with a huge kiss, and jump up and down with Glimmer, who happens to be even more excited than I am. I give everyone a hug, and we all grab our luggages. My dorm consists of all of us girls, connected by the bathroom. Glimmer wanted to bunk by herself, which was fine by everyone else. There were two bunks per room, which was perfect.

I bunked with Annie in the first bed and Clove and Johanna took the other. Clove and I were both on top.

Finch and Madge took the bunk in room 46, and Glimmer was in there as well. We had a huge bathroom, with four sinks. We had a mini kitchen in both if our rooms and a couch and a T.V. Very homie.

As I promised, I call Prim and my mother. It was Sunday afternoon, and they were watching T.V. and miss me dearly. I miss them too.

After several hours we finish packing, and met the boys. We all head out to the van, which is still roomy. We're all pretty excited and after we got to the nearest YougurtHouse, at the mall. It's much bigger than the one at home, which is good.



I groan in response and slam my alarm. "Finally you're up!" I see all my friends up and dressed. "Huh?" I ask, confused. "We've been trying to wake you for ten minutes," Clove says, slipping on a pair of white shorts and a dark purple tank. It has thick straps and black sequins. "And you didn't budge. Oh, and by the way school starts in forty minutes."

"What?!" I shriek. It's six forty-five in the morning and we still have to get our schedules and get breakfast, since we have no food in the kitchen. I jump out, toss on a red crop-top and black jean shorts along with red wedges. I add simple makeup and braid my hair. It's getting really long.

I the way out Delly Cartwright shoves me against the wall on purpose. She giggles and makes an innocent face. "Oops!" God, I hate her. She has been out to get me since Peeta and I started dating. She used to be fine. Almost nice. Until she got a big crush on him and tried to get his attention more often. And it didn't work. No matter how hard she tried. Like today she wore a pink low cut crop-top and mini skirt with high, high heels. Her face was caked with lip gloss and she still had those fake nails. Her hair was in ringlets with pink highlights and glitter. I shove pass Delly and link arms with Annie, who is sweet and hates Delly like me.

We pull up at Starbucks and get hot coffee, except Clove who adores caramel frappes, ice cold. I munch on chocolate pastries, and I long for Peeta's cheese buns. Maybe when we go back to Twelve with Gale and Madge he'll bake some as a Christmas treat for me.

We rush to school and pretend to be mad at Clove, who ordered a large and tried to drink it all but failed. She had to bring it in and we drove fast. We ran to school, and we make it a little early, even wearing heels. We compare schedules and the only class we all have together are homeroom,gym, and lunch.

After a long day I go to sign up for classes. Singing, dancing, and archery.

Glimmer- dress design, singing, archery

Clove- Singing, dancing, knife throwing, cheerleading

Johanna- basketball, dancing, axe practice

Finch- dancing, extra science


Annie- girls' swim team, singing, dancing

We're pretty much busy every day.

Monday- singing


Wednesday -swim and weapons Thursday-cheerleading and sports

Friday-dress designer and extra science


I'm so exhausted. I sit at the table and start my homework, when Peeta calls. We both complain about out homework for half an hour, even though some of it would be done by now if we weren't complaining. By the time I finish it's almost dinner, and the door bursts open.

All my girl buds are there, with grocery bags. They spill out food, like macaroni, spaghetti, meatballs, bread, peanut butter and jelly, cereal, milk, eggs, orange juice, sodas, fruit, vegetables, and ice-cream. "Whoa!" I say. "That's a lot of food!" They start emptying things out and Madge, Glimner, and Finch take half the food to their room. Clove starts cooking pasta, since she's the best cook and the only one besides me who finished their homework.

We eat and watch Mean Girls, which we regret since Johanna and Annie still haven't done their homework and Mr. Seneca is strict. I'm not sure what the other girls are doing, but it seems quiet. Of course. Those three are more sensible than us. Their room had made beds and a clean counter. We have unmade beds and counters full of chips and sodas.

It's around ten at night and the girls are trying to do their homework. I'm trying to get some sleep since everyone seems to get up earlier than I do. It doesn't work though. Clove is finishing the rest of her coffee and is hyper. She spends the night calling Cato and babbling like mad until Johanna knocks her out.

"Johanna!" Annie scolds. Johanna laughs. "Relax. She's fine." We finally have some peace until there is a loud knocking noise. We shriek and Johanna is saying it's the axe murderer. "We're like Bethy now!"

she yells. "We're gonna die!" I can't help but giggle. "Shut up, Jo!" Johanna grabs a knife of Clove's dresser and slowly opens the door. Then laughs. We crawl out under the bed to see Cato. I start to laugh.

"Cato!" Annie cries. "We thought you were an axe murderer!" We start laughing when he realizes what he's here at our dorm at ten-thirty at night in his pajama pants. "Where's Clove?" he demands. We let him inside and he gasps. "Relax, Loverboy! She's fine!" Johanna assures him. We usher him out, literally pushing him, although he doesn't want to leave. We send him down the hall and I walk with him, needing an excuse to see Peeta. We enter his room and it's a complete mess.

Food is everywhere and all the boys are in one room, talking loudly. Finnick is dancing on his bed and is belting out music. I step over Gale's sleeping body and hug Peeta, who smells stinky. "Eew!" I cry,pulling away. "Good night!" I bid every stinky boy in there goodnight and leave, into our room. I thought it was messy, but their dorm made it seem like heaven. I get some sleep and bid the girls and Clove's sleeping body goodnight.

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