Chapter Ten

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Katniss's Pov

What we saw made me shriek. They were all playing THE FREAKIN VIDEO GAMES.

Clove was fine, sitting by Cato, who was by Johanna and Blight. Finnick and Peeta were on the recliners and Marvel and Thresh were on the armrests. Gale just got back from the kitchen with an armload of coke and the chip bag in his mouth and nearly dropped them. And they were all still playing video games. "What?!" I scream. They give each other guilty looks. "Wha-you-bu-arrggh!"

"Umm..." Clove mumbles. "I thought you were getting math!" I interrupt.

Johanna held up some papers, under her lemonade. I shake my head, because math homework is not meant to be used as a coaster.

"We got it. But um,well, we were heading back," she says. "But we heard some noises. So we opened the door and they were all playing Bloody Zombie Attack 1, since you took away the other. We couldn't resist."

"What about-about the screaming and the yelling and.." Glimmer's voice trailed off. "I almost killed her," Cato grumbles. "Then she screamed at me and killed me, and that's when I yelled at her."

"Did you do any homework?" Annie asks. Peeta gives a guilty smile. "Does being active count? I did run two miles from Gale's minions."

"No!" I screech. "We just want you to get some sleep and do your work!" Johanna stands up. "Less homework, more freedom!" she chants. I roll my eyes and leave.


Clove's Pov

I think staying up on video games until four in the morning was a bad idea. In science Gale threw up, and a bit because we were dissecting frogs. In math Marvel and Thresh fell asleep again and had a terrible coughing fit.

And here I am, in Cato's bed, right after I chucked out all the soda I drank yesterday. I'm sick and dizy. Cato is tough and hasn't caught a cold. It's only me, Thresh, Marvel, Gale, and Blight. Johanna, Finnick, and Peeta seem fine.

The next morning I put on a pale teal tank. I slip in the white knitt sweater I got and the light blue jeggings. The knit is warm but thin and hangs a little loosely. Katniss braids my hair and I out on a teal beanie and teal boots Annie let me borrow. I look at my nails. Teal and chipped. Oh well. Last of all, a teal wrap around scarf. I grab my new bag from Black Friday and leave early, to get a Vanilla Latte. It snowed overnight, several inches. I trudge to school early, enjoying the peaceful morning until stupid Lucille shoves me over on my knees.

My drink spills and I curse. Now I don't have breakfast or something warm. "Huh. I guess you are as weak as they say," she says. Nobody says that.

I brush my now soaked jeggings. I shove her hard, into Delly and leave. I mutter some not very nice words and stomp to homeroom.

Blight's Pov

I think we're getting too sick. Clove came in pale and dizzy. She threw up again and was sent to the nurses. Half way to class I crash into my locker, and the last thing I saw was Johanna rushing towards me.

Cato's Pov

That makes two in the nurses. During gym we ran laps in the gym room and I saw Gale faint. That makes three.

I meet up with Finn after gym. "Did you hear?" he asks. "Hmm?" I say, as I change into my warm jeans. "During science lab Marvel got dizzy and fell of his stool, twisting his wrist."

"Man," I grumble. "Poor Marvel." Finnick nods. "Here's Annie. Catch up to you later."


"Didn't you here?" I pluck my head up. "Thresh was found throwing up in the courtyard trash can. Got sent to the nurses'," Peeta says. "That poor boy."

The nurse must be having a lovely time with some company. I wonder of she's given up on her job already, since our fine batch of people have came in with vomit all over themselves, a big bruise on Blight's forehead, and a twisted wrist. What a lovely surprise.


I see Clove. She moved to the sick room for the night, bunking by herself. It was eight and I decided to to go visit her. "Hi," I say. "Cato, you might get sick." she warns.

I shrug. "Don't care." I lean in for a kiss, and her lips are pale and cold. I might as well be kissing a cube of ice, but I shrug that off. "Clove, you're ice cold. C'mon let's get you some hot chocolate."

Peeta's Pov

On Friday was our last day before winter break. I carpooled with Gale, Madge, and Katniss back to Twelve. We sung Christmas songs all the way back. I was spending Christmas at Katniss's, which my parents, well dad, said was fine.

We pull up, wishing Gale and Madge Merry Christmas. "Katniss!" I heard a squeal and Prim came running at us. "Prim!" The two sisters cling on each other tightly. "What, no hug for me?" I joke. "C'mere, Peeta!" I hug Prim and greet her mother. She has a mom and a dead dad. I have dad and an abusive mother who got divorced with my dad a few years ago. My siblings, Rye and Tim don't care that I'm not here for Christmas. I can imagine them dancing on the couch, throwing food in the air, and partying since I'm gone.

"Peeta!" I turn and see Mrs. Everdeen, who says to call her Pamala. "Hello!" I greet. "Merry Christmas!" She ushers us inside, where it's heated. It's very cold outside. Prim and Katniss catch up on everything and I find myself in the kitchen, baking cookies.

"Ooh!" Prim squeals as I bring some out. "Yum!"

Cato's Pov

"Cato!" I'm bombarded with hugs as I wipe my feet off. I spin Casssidy around and my idiotic brother Jacob claps my back. "Cato, how's everything?" he says. "Haven't seen you around lately!"

It's true. But he's a year older than me and I'm even surprised he managed to get in the same college, as he has not very good grades. "Cato, we've missed you and your brother very much!" my mother says, pouring tea. She hands me some fudge and I take my coat off and flap on the couch. "Missed you guys too. Hey, Clove may be coming over for dinner, is that okay?"

"Sure!" Dad says, sipping his tea. "I like that girl."Thanks." "Hey," Jason says. I'm having a friend over too. But just to drop off my gift. We're in different colleges and I kinda miss the guy."

"Of course!" my mother says. We'll have some lamb stew for dinner."


When Clove came I plant a kiss on her head. I almost couldn't tell it was her, wearing a thick snow jacket, a sweater, a long sleeve, and a vest. Snow had come down with a chilly breeze so she had boots, two scarves, a mouth covering scarf, mittens, and a beanie.

"Happy Christmas Eve, Clover," I say, wrapping her in a hug. "You too," she replies, planting a kiss on my cheek. "Mother was so overjoyed. Same as Plutarch. Threw confetti at me when I walked in."

I chuckle. "My brother's friend is going to be here, just for around half an hour. Then dinner and us alone time."

Clove laughs. "Alright."

"Hey!" I hear my brother greet his friend at the door. I'm still eating my stew and I honestly don't care who it is. Clove looks up,then goes completely pale. She looks like a cube of ice.

"What's wrong, Clove?" I say, cautiously. She seems stiff and ridged. I turn my head to my brother's friend, who is taking off his coat.

It's Brady Thompson.

*plays creepy music* DUN DUN DUUUN!

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