Chapter Five

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Clove's Pov

I walk down to Cato's room. I hope he still isn't mad at me. I slip on a hoodie and open the door and lock it behind me. I press the elevator button and walk out, when I feel a pair of hands on me. I shriek and the guy with the ski mask cackles. He grabs me, and throws me against the wall. Gloss. Okay, no more nice Clove. I reach for a knife when I remember I'm wearing sandals. Oh well. Instead I grab Gloss's hands and flip him over. He groans and slaps my face. I'm on a roll of slamming him down when he opens his mouth.

"C'mon Jason!" Jason is his best friend, who has had three girlfriends in the past month. He shoves me off Gloss and throws me against the wall. I suddenly have an idea. I crawl over to the other wall, across them. I take the key out of my jacket hoodie pocket and plunge it in the door knob. Faster, faster! They chase after me and I start to worry. I twist it open and Gloss shoves me against the separate wall. "Cato!" I shout in the room. I see Cato's bunk, but Gloss is pulling me away. I kick him you know where and Jason slams his hands against my shoulder. C'mon Cato! Wake up! "Cato!" I scream louder.

Gloss kisses me and I feel like puking. He slightly leans off and grins. "I've been wanting to do that for a long time." I know what happens next and before he can move I hear a groan in response. I look to see Cato beating up Jason in the background. Finnick shoves Gloss off. "Leave her alone!" I slump to the ground as Finnick beats down Gloss. Blight and Peeta drag both bodies into their dorm and Cato is outraged. "Never, ever touch her again or you'll meet my fist even harder!"

I slump down further and feel tears trickle down my face. I'm so outraged with Gloss. Why can't he leave me alone? I'm small, not weak. I storm down to his dorm, where he and Jason lie unconscious. I furiously start kicking him. The girls except Johanna would never approve. I don't care, I DON'T care. I don't care! I hate him! I don't know how long it is, but eventually Cato scoops me up and drags me away. I cry in tears of anger as he slams me on his bed, accidentally to hard. "Leave me alone!" I yell. I don't know why I'm mad at him, right after they just saved me. But I need something to be mad at.

He looms concerned. "I'm sorry, Clove. I didn't mean it to be that hard."

I need something to be mad at and I scream in his pillow. He rubs my back and drives me somewhere. I eventually give up being mad, and sleep in his car. He carries me upstairs of this odd apartment, probably his. I don't mind, it is the weekend. I run to the bathroom and start to throw up, and he holds my hair back. After I rinse my mouth like crazy, hating the throw up taste. After half an hour of rinsing he carries me to his bed. It's four am and I forget about my madness as he speaks. "Did he touch you?"

"No!" I burst into tears. He gently touches my face. We start to kiss, gently at first. I swing my legs over his waist and we make out for a long time.

Johanna's Pov

Back at school we keep Clove from stupid Gloss. That won't be a problem. Gloss was weak and bruised. Cato must've done that. It also wasn't a problem because Cato refused to leave her side. When she went to the bathroom he would walk around that area for her to come out. Gross.

It annoyed me, Cato bugging around us all the time. The only time we ever got away was gym, when we on separate teams. We ran three miles, and I was the first girl. Katniss is pretty fast as well.

When we got back to our dorm we dump our homework on the tables. Annie got strawberries and we ate and did homework. It was tiring, and we were up late. Till one in the morning. The door knocks and we all scream.

"Axe Murderer!" we all yell. "Shut up!" we heard Glimmer yell from the other room. Those three had done all their homework, unlike us. We heard a moan from the door and a bang. "I'll get it," Clove and I say. We make a good team. She grabbed her knives and we swung open the doors. Seven boys. Annie and Katniss shrieked. All dressed in black and ski masks. Two come forward. I did an air flip and kick the two boys off their feet. They groan and Clove jumps on one of them. I could see his hair color. Like Gloss's. But when did he have so many friends?

She pounces and shoves him against the wall, knife to his throat. He flips her over and kisses her. Stupid Gloss!

She runs back to the room in tears. "Clove, wait!" he shouts. Huh? I grab the ski mask of Gloss's face to see Cato's. "Cato!" I yell. He knocks on the door. Clove sniffs and opens it, slamming her body against his. "Cato, Gloss-" She backs away from him. "You! You-you were the one that...!"

Cato looks worried. "Clove, I'm so sorr-" Instead she laughs. She laughs for a long time, an awkward amount of laughter. The rest of us are trying to decipher why she's being like this. "Why the hell did you come to our dorm at one in the morning dressed like morons?" Cato put his hands up and points to Finnick. "Finnick!" Annie shouts. "Why would you do that?"

'To get back at you! For doing the creepy zombie thing! Oh and Johanna? Those kicks hurt!" We start laughing when Finch and Glimmer and Foxface burst through the bathroom door with messy hair and pjs. "Hey girls!" Gale hollers. "Shut up!" they yell in unison. "Can't we get some decent sleep?" Madge complains. Poor Madge looks tired and Annie yells at Finnick for disturbing them. "It's college!" Finnick protests. "Nobody ever gets decent sleep! But sorry." That satisfies them and they slam the door. Gale chuckles and they all leave.

Peeta's Pov

School stinks. We all wait and wait as the days drag by for Thanksgiving break, when we could celebrate. We aren't going to our houses, only for Christmas.

"Alright!" Coach Brutus yells. "Twenty-five push ups!" I sigh. After my push ups and running a mile I'm sore. At my dorm I'm trying to take a peaceful shower but open the door to see Finnick buried in bubbles. "Hey!" he shouts. "Privacy! Tryin' to take my bath!" The other guys hear and burst into laughter. Finnick isn't a normal boy.

The week we get Thanksgiving break I collapse on my bed. Right as I drift off to sleep I'm interrupted. "SPIN THE BOTTLE!" I groan and see the entire group there. Johanna grabs her iPhone and plugs into the speakers. Music is playing and they're all nastily dancing. I groan and shove my pillow on my face. "C'mon, Peet!" Finnick hollers, jumping on the couch eating sugar cubes. "Don't be a party pooper!" He motions at the group and they all pick me up. "Hey!" Finnick is yelling on the couch, giving orders as he shoves sugar in his face. I feel a hand touch my bottom and yell. "Watch it there!"

Katniss giggles and they follow Finnick's orders. The next thing I know we're all piled up in the van, shoving chips in our face. Marvel pulls up at Finnick's and the neighbors were probably celebrating that Finnick has left for college. "We're home!" he screams. We grab our suitcases and dump it in the bedrooms.

Finnick grabs a bowl of sugar cubes and a bottle. I grab a bunch of sodas, juice, and chocolate and we dump it down ourselves. He spins it on me. "Truth Odair?"

"Umm.. I guess truth." He thinks and says, "How many times have you and Katniss done it?" We're both a deep shade of red. "Twice." I spin it on Annie. "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth!" I'm not the best with truths, but shrug that off. "Who is the hottest guy here, excluding Finnick?"

I can tell Finnick doesn't like that truth, but Annie picks Cato. She spins on Madge, who then spins on Thresh, who spins Cato. He spins on Katniss, who picks dare. He grins. "I dare you and.." his eyes trail off to Clove and Finnick whisper something in his ear. "I dare you, Clove, Johanna, and Annie to dress up in the hottest clothes you have!" This is going to be good.

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