Chapter Seven

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Omg I had a dream someone told me Cato was to protective over Clove and I deleted every single Clato thing. *wakes up from the dream* But thank you all for your support and I appreciate it!

Katniss's Pov

When I wake up an amazing smell hits my nose. I brush my teeth and change into brown skinny jeans and a white shirt with leaves printed on it, which I find on my bed. I braid my hair and go down to see Peeta and Clove above a fire, roasting the delicious turkey. My mouth drools as I smell the barbecue sauce and hickory chips being flamed along. Most of the people are in the kitchen, except Thresh,Blight,Jo, Peeta, and Clove, and I notice all of the girls have the same outfits. "Twinsies!" I jump and see Finnick behind me. "What?"

He grins. "I went out shopping with Annie yesterday to get this!" He gestures to his outfit, like mine but with brown shorts and a larger version. I roll my eyes. It's not normal for a college boy to go shopping so his thirteen besties can wear matching outfits.

In the kitchen I see Finch making stuffing and Marvel making mashed potatoes with Glimmer. Madge is putting together a salad and Gale is seasoning a small chicken. I notice cheeses buns, probably done by Peeta, sitting there in raw form. Annie is putting it in little clumps and turning on the oven. Thresh is putting out a large picnic bench in the other half of the yard, where it's grassy and the leaves are falling. There is a big oak tree and I see Johanna and Blight up there. They hop down and walk over.

I'm surprised that everyone is up except Cato, but I see the time that it's already noon and curse, realizing everybody was doing work except me. I quickly help Thresh lie a plaid table cover over it. "So where's Cato?"

Thresh puts a tiny vase of flowers in the center of the table. "He went out to get pumpkin pie, the large one from District Seven."

"District Seven! Why not here?" Thresh shrugs. "Not big enough." I wonder how much these people are going to eat.

I walk over to the grill because I can no longer resist it. The turkey is a beautiful glazing color and I see Clove throw some more hickory chips in. Peeta turns the turkey and Cato pulls up with a large pie. He follows me and we are suddenly under an enchantment of drooling over the food. Peeta senses me over his shoulder and raises an eyebrow. "Yes?" I giggle and he plants a kiss on my lips. "Happy Thanksgiving."

"You too," I say, returning the kiss and wrapping my arms around his neck. He smells like turkey, and I like turkey. He wraps his gentle arms around me as well and Clove puts barbecue sauce on the turkey and flames of deliciousness erupts. Cato almost faints of the smell and I draw myself back in the kitchen before I eat anyone. I help Madge clean the vegetables and we pour dressing over the salad. "Happy Thanksgiving!"


At five we all take showers, and I slip back on the outfit. I re-braid my hair and meet the others. The sky is still warm and light and Peeta carries out the massive turkey. We all say our thanks and snap selfies.

I post it on Panemgram and we all look so happy.

Thanksgiving with the homies!

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We toast on cider, saving the wine for later.

The meal was amazing. We all compliment each other on the food and I shove some stuffing and salad in my mouth. We wish our families happy Thanksgiving. The turkey is so good and I end up stuffing myself as well. I notice Madge looks a little green.

Annie's Pov

It took an hour to digest. I was so fat and full and we we're all running inside from the freezing wind. It cooled down a bit and we were all outside now. Clove and Cato were on the oak tree, swinging their legs. Lucky for Cato that tree is strong. Katniss and Peeta are lying in the grass. I walked along the pool edges until I felt a push. I shriek and regained my balance, to see Finnick behind me. I scowled. "I almost fell!"

He senses that and we kitty fight. At last I'm tilting, and he's holding me up with one hand. "Don't you dare Finnick!" I can feel the freezing water with my free hand. "Be nice!" he scolds, dipping me further. I start to laugh and cry. "Oh, please, oh please! Dear Finnick, let me go!" I shed a tear to prove it. He laughs and pulls me up. I make sure we're at least ten feet away from the pool before I except his kiss.

Johanna's Pov

I climb up the tree and see the lovebirds about to kiss I climb higher and smack a hand between their lips. Cato groans and I balance myself next to them. I chuckle and beckon for Clove to come down with me. "Save your little session for later," I tell them, hopping out. I luckily land on my knees and we all go inside to watch a movie.

We all groan as loud as an earthquake when we see Gale has put in Axe Murderer Awakens. Peeta cuts slices of pumpkin pie and uses a toothpick and gently draws a rose carved in for Katniss. She kisses his cheek and we all gobble it.

Clove's Pov

I'm a little woozy. I accidentally had too big of a drink of my wine, and I remember getting crazy from the Halloween party. I shouldn't drink too much, and I find myself wandering in the basement. I crash into a glass of wine on the way and slip.

"Clove? You okay?" From the corner if my eye I see the group standing above me. Cato helps me up and I giggle, shaking the wine off me. Then I run full speed out the door and into the pool. I'm to dizzy to notice how cold it is.

"Get out of there, Clove!" Glimmer hollers. "It's too cold and you'll get sick!"

I giggle like a mad girl and take my jacket off. "Let's go skinny dipping!" Glimmer shakes her head. "Get out!"

"Actually, that's not a bad idea," Marvel suggests, earning a smack from Finch. "No!" Katniss calls, as I strip off my shoes and toss it above surface. "We are not going skinny dipping!" I make a puppy dog face to Cato who shakes his head. He straddles over and tries to carry me out. Instead I pull him in. "Hey!" he cries.

"Skinny dipping!" I scream at him. I grab his shirt and he wriggles out if my grasp. I hop on his back as he tries to get out. We dive under water and I pop up. "Skinny dip with me!" I shriek. The group is laughing as I try to sit on Cato's shoulders.

Peeta's Pov

Before I know it Katniss pushes me in the water. In ten minutes we're all in the pool with our clothes on. Even Glimmer. It's dark and we can't really see each other. The neighbors probably can't see us either, since they live a fourth of a mile away.

Now we're all skinny dipping and I can't see anything. After twenty minutes we all run out and change into warm clothes. I finish my pie, shivering. I think Clove caught a cold and Cato did as well. Madge's feet are a little blue and Katniss is a bit pale. Thresh couldn't find his pants, and it turns out he dropped it in the deep end, which he would have to get later.

Let me tell you this, never skinny dip on a cold Thanksgiving night.

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