Chapter Four

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Katniss's Pov

We were all chilling out at the dorm after school, doing our homework. Glimmer left across campus to get some chips, since Finnick ate all of them yesterday. She wasn't back after twenty minutes so we gave her a call on speaker phone. When Marvel dials we heard screaming and her voice wailing for help. Then she hung up. "Glimmer!" Marvel shouts. He starts to panic and runs out. We all chase after him and I hope she's okay. I squeeze Peeta's hand nervously as Marvel bangs on their dorm.

Finch unlocks it and we burst in to see Glimmer screaming and pointing.

We frown. "S-spider!" she cries. Johanna burst into laughter. She walks across the room and kills it with a tissue. Glimmer is panting across the room. Marvel chuckles and puts an arm around her. "Yet you beat up people on Black Friday."

On Thursday was another busy school day. Clove snuck out again and forgot to reset the alarm. We were rushing and when we burst into homeroom we saw all our friends and Clove. She was leaning in her chair with Starbucks chit chatting. When she saw us her face went pale and all the guys started to laugh.

We pretend to be mad at her as she apologizes. Miss Trinket gives us extra homework for being late, which makes me even more fakingly mad at Clove.

Ms. Wiress tells us boring stuff and I daydream about tomorrow night, when we're finally free for the weekend. "Katniss!" I snap my head up. "Can you tell us the answer for number twenty?"

I turn pink and Delly snorts. Stupid Delly.

Finally Friday comes and we all shove our bags in our rooms. We get a sneaky idea and we tell the others. We'll dress Annie as a Zombie, then send her to the dorm. Clove gets out her ripped and battered gray skinny jeans. Glimmer gets out an old baggy gray shirt which Johanna rips it in certain styles. Annie places it on top of her gray tank and Clove gets gray sneakers with spikes. Madge starts messing up her hair and Finch sprays her with the old stinky perfume she bought for the Halloween party. I start giving her a smoky eye look and use some purple eyeshadow to make it look like she has the bags.

She looks terrible. Finch's perfume is terrible and Glimmer gives her a bloody mouth cut using makeup. It's dark red and she has scars all over her arms. We get out our phones to record it, then run down to the elevator. As planned, all the boys open the door and see Annie. She's dazed off, and the guys look confused. It's quiet and them she starts screaming making them scream. We end up laughing like crazy and Peeta throws me over his shoulder. He tosses me onto the couch. "Katniss Everdeen, you naughty girl!" We end up kissing and Johanna yells, "PDA!"

We all get on the floor and Marvel spins the bottle on Finnick. "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare. Bring it on you moron!" Marvel grins evilly. "Kiss Peeta!"

"What?!" Peeta screams. Finnick grins. "C'mon, baby!" We all burst out laughing. Peeta doesn't budge, so Finnick jumps on his lap. They share a quick kiss. "BROMANCE!" Clove and Johanna shout. When they pull away Finnick laughs. "Katniss, you scored good! That boy can kiss!" I burst into a fit of giggles as Peeta rinses and scrubs his lips.

"Truth or Dare, Cato?" Cato chooses his dare, and makes out with Finch's pickle. He strokes it and mutters words like, "Hey, sexy. Wanna go out for dinner?" He roughly makes out with it and bites down gently. He shows us and we see a bite. "Love bite!" Cato sings.

It goes on and on until Peeta spins on Clove, who picks dare. "I dare you to run to Gloss's dorm, kiss him, then accuse him of it and slap him!" Peeta was in the kitchen cooking the garlic bread that time Cato was telling the story of how Gloss tried to kiss her.

Cato looks fuming, yet manages not to strangle Peeta. I slap Peeta gently, who doesn't get the message. Clove looks nervous, yet stands up. She walks down the hall, until we see his dorm. We know it's his specifically because the other day Gloss told her to come over to his dorm for some fun, earning a kick in the stomach from her. She knocks on the door and he opens it. She grabs his shirt and kisses him, then shoves him away. Cato looks outraged. "How dare you?" she shrieks. "Huh?" Gloss is clearly confused. "Don't you dare come near me! I'm taken!" She is spluttering and spitting at him, who looks in heaven, yet confused at the same time.

He silences her and grabs her waist. "I knew you'd come around." She wriggles away. "What?!" He grins. "You know what I mean." He starts to roughly kiss her and Cato bursts out from behind the wall. "Don't you dare touch her!" he yells. He grabs Gloss and shoves him back, crashing him into the flower vase behind him. We storm out and I scold Peeta. He finally understand and apologizes to Cato and Clove.

She tell him it's fine, although it isn't. We grab bowls of ice cream and watch The Axe Murderer for the millionth time. Glimmer hates it. Cato is trying to calm down and locks himself in the bathroom for ten minutes before he comes out.

Cato's Pov

I don't want to spoil the fun, so I come out and talk to Clove. "Are you okay?" she asks. "I'm sorry." She is on the verge of tears. "I didn't know stupid Gloss would do that to me. I'm sorry, Cato. I was an idiot for excepting Peeta's dare. But he didn't know. I'm sorry." I can't be mad at her. I sigh. "It's not your fault. It's Peeta's fault. You still love me, right?"

"Of course! I'm sorry!" I sigh again. I don't want to send her the wrong message, yet I'm still mad at Gloss. "It's fine."

After the movie the girls leave and I climb in bed. I decide to talk to Clove, so I text her that she's welcome to come here. Right now. She says okay.

So I wait.

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