Chapter Nine

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Madge's Pov

I hear Annie scream and point, and I panic. "What, what?!" She points at my nail polish, a soft baby pink color. "It's so cute!" she screams, jumping up and down like a little kid. I laugh. "You scared me to death Annie!"

The rest of us are nice and we grab our purses and go out to buy the guys and Clovehanna some dinner. We all have bestie ship names, Katnie, Flimmadge, (yeah our sounds a bit weird but oh well) Blato😂😂, Peenick, and Thrarvale. It's guess it's only cute on girls.

We drive to McDonalds and we order. We sit down with our chicken nuggets and burgers and fries and sodas. We're not the healthiest people. We then buy buy nine double cheese burgers and fries to go. Being the good friends we are, Annie drives over to Starbucks and we pick up eight Vanilla Lattes and one Caramel Frappe for them and something for ourselves.

It's about an hour when we get back and they're still playing. Once we give them the food they all scream, "Food!", snatch it, and eat like hobos.

We shriek and flee the room as fries and cheese fly everywhere. "Manners!" Katniss scolds in an Effie Trinket voice. We laugh and decide to check on them, and honey, it ain't pretty. Food crumbs are everywhere. There are pistachio shells in Clove's hair and a mustard stain on that shirt. She doesn't even like mustard.

Blight has ketchup smeared on his neck and doesn't acknowledge it. Cato has fruit punch on his white pants, either that or the video game's blood is 4-D. Gale has a smushed French fry on his lip and Marvel has just thrown an empty Pepsi bottle at the screen. We slam our door shut and end up falling asleep, me on my bed and Finch on hers.

Glimmer is on hers and Annie is on the top bunk, where Glimmer stuffs all the blankets. Katniss is on the couch and I'm not sure when we fell asleep but when I wake up an hour later I'm on the floor and Finch is in my bed. Katniss is using my arm as a pillow and my head is on Glimmer's candy bag. I wake the others and we all brush our teeth and change. It's a little quiet when we hear a scream, making us scream.

We open the bathroom door and tiptoe out to see Clove and Cato on the floor, Blight passed out on the recliner, Gale with the pistachio bowl in his lap and Peeta sleeping on Thresh. #awkward

But Finnick, Johanna, and Marvel are all playing hardcore. "Guys!" Annie hisses. "Go to sleep!" Katniss wrinkles her nose. "Did any if you take a bathroom break?" Finn nods. "Twice. I didn't know you had a private toilet over there."

"That's my closet!" Glimmer shrieks. Finnick laughs. "I'm just kidding. But we did. Now leave us alone."

We walk back to see that it's one in the morning. Marvel pours water over the rest, urging them to keep playing.

Katniss's Pov

I wake up and dress with the others. I shriek to see the other part of the group, passed out in the couches, controller in hand. "Guys!" Madge cries. "Wake up! School!"


Today in homeroom Marvel passed out. He snored throughout the entire period, but lucky for us Haymitch doesn't care. During math Johanna fell asleep and fell off her chair. She was sent to the nurse. At history Gale used his heavy textbook as a pillow. During free period Cato fell asleep on Ryan at the basketball court. James Peterson stepped on his back by accident and Cato was sent the nurse for the hour. During gym we did practice wrestling and Clove got swept off her feet. She stayed down and took her nap the rest of the match.

You would of thought that the nine of them learned their lesson and when they got back to their dorm they would nap, but no. The second we got in, the guys right behind us, they lunged at the games. I had disconnected the controllers, and they knew it. "Pwetty pwease?" Peeta begs. "I'll give you kisses. Lots and lots." I giggle. "As much as I would like that, no!"

"Why not?" Finnuck asks, putting a pouty face. He bats his eyelashes. "That boy is a very good kisser. I should know. Remember that one truth or dare game? And the time last year after our three mile run, Peeta passed out, and nobody could help him? Also because you weren't in our class and I, being the heroic superhero god I am, had to save the day." He then puts a hand on his hip and makes a sassy face, waggling his finger as well. "And boooy did he have bad, bad breath. Ugghh, guh-ross." Finnick is just so different from every other college boy.

"Wait!" Gale screams. He points at under my mattress covers. There are wires and they all scream. Clove lunges at my mattress and we all block her. "Noo! I need to pass the fourth level!"

We forced them out, and sent them away. Clove and Johanna told us they were going out to get some math homework since Johanna fell asleep during that period.

The rest of us got suspicious since they haven't returned in an hour. The weather was getting colder and colder, being December. One week until Christmas Break.

We walked out when we heard a scream. "Clove!" we shouted. "Clove!" That was Cato's voice. "How could you?" Uh-oh.

We burst the door open and couldn't believe what we saw next.


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