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Panem High School Story: Book One- The Freshmen by Savanna_Brazil
Panem High School Story: Book Savanna Brazil
Katniss Everdeen, Clove Kentwell, Glimmer Belcourt, Johanna Mason and Annie Cresta are starting high school. They're going head first into new friendships, new boys, and...
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Our Love Never Dies (an Everlark fanfic) by whynotwhy7
Our Love Never Dies (an Everlark whynotwhy7
Katniss Everdeen just moved to Panem from a very poor place called District 12. Her mother went into a deep depression when her father died. Then one night she goes out...
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Panem High by everlark_shipper1
Panem Highby Kaygee740
Katniss is new in town and has to go to a new school called panem high. She lives with her cousin and sister . It is her first day when she meets her friends, Annie, fin...
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Panem High | The Hunger Games by Rogue_08
Panem High | The Hunger Gamesby Nimeesha
All your favourite dead or alive characters are back, where they attend Panem High. Cato Hadley, the new student who just moved to Panem High, meets Clove Kentwell, Katn...
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Life of the Mockingjays (Sequel to Panem High) by everlark_shipper1
Life of the Mockingjays (Sequel Kaygee740
It's after the shadows attack. The mockingjays face new challenges but they face them together. Follow the Mockingjays on their adventure through life with new friends a...
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Panem High School {Book 2} by Smile_its_Elli
Panem High School {Book 2}by Elli
All your favorite characters are back for their next semester at Panem High School! Well, mostly. With Clove and Gale still in the hospital, the group is having a hard...
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Panem high by Emykun1
Panem highby Emykun1
Panem high, home to some lucky people from 12 districts. If you have any ideas please write them in the comments.
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Panem College by bookloverjacy
Panem Collegeby ♡ jacy ♡
ღ ( Sequel to Panem High ) ღ •{must read my other story first}• College! Everything is great, prank wars, romance, and parties. School and friends are perfect, but there...
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Panem High by CloveKDistrict2
Panem Highby Clove Isabelle Kentwell
This is overdone, but I'm still gonna do it because WHO'S GONNA STOP ME!!! Wow, what a great blurb that was.
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Wasted: Panem High |Clato by pink_picture101
Wasted: Panem High |Clatoby J
This story is based off The Hunger Games. Well, without the games! All your favorite Dead, or Alive characters are back. The all go to Panem High! Clove and Katniss are...
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Panem High School by clatodramione
Panem High Schoolby ella
Panem High School in Venice Beach, California is where the best of the best go. Cato, Clove, Marvel, Glimmer, Finnick, Annie, Gale, Madge, Peeta, and the rest of the gan...
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What Does the Word Love Really Mean. by _Abby101_
What Does the Word Love Really _Abby101_
Cato Hadley is the most popular guy in school. He has it all he is rich, captain of the football team, a group of best friends. But one thing he doesn't have is a girlfr...
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Panem High by fallenfinnick
Panem Highby Melody✌️🌻
Imagine the characters of the hunger games, (Katniss, Peeta, Annie, Finnick, Johanna, Gale, Cato, Clove, Prim etc.) in modern day high school
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Providence (A Clato Story) by Isabel_May
Providence (A Clato Story)by Isabel
Clove Kentwell is a senior that attends Panem High School. Clove is not involved with any conflict of any sort, well except her AP Calculus grade. She, along with her fr...
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Panem High (An Everlark Fanfiction) by MelMusic15
Panem High (An Everlark Fanfiction)by Melissa Leckemby
Katniss has just moved from District 12 to Panem. Her parents and little sister, Prim died in a car accident a few weeks ago. She has to move in with her popular, and ri...
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Charcoal and Bread by write_rightt
Charcoal and Breadby MariamJabeen
"As I dug my tear ridden face into his shirt, I couldn't help but compare Peeta's embrace to Gale's. I couldn't help inhaling the scent of cinnamon and dill, and pr...
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Reunited: An Everlark Story [UNDER REWRITE] by klcwrites
Reunited: An Everlark Story [ k
****THIS STORY IS UNDER INTENSE REVISIONS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK****** (MODERN STORY) Katniss Everdeen wanted a normal life. She hasn't always had that after her father...
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Panem High: Roommate Love by THG_stories
Panem High: Roommate Loveby The Hunger Games
Katniss is a very quiet girl. Usually keeping her life in order and to herself. Peeta is the popular guy. Everyone knows his business. But what happens when they becom...
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Undercover Sweetheart [everlark] by K_A_Kelley
Undercover Sweetheart [everlark]by K. A. Kelley
*This was my first story, people. Try to be gentle. LOL. Panem High School is the best charter school in the nation. Every four years, an odd number of students are reap...
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Panem high by Codydavies_
Panem highby Codydavies_
If there was no hunger games,,
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