Chapter Fifteen

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Jesus Christ it's been several months. I need opinions. This story hasn't turned out the way I wanted it, and I'm debating to keep or delete. It's not the best, but if at least 5-7 people want me to keep the story going, I will. Opinions?

Annie's Pov

I wake up to an annoying scream, and let's see, I'm going to guess it's the famous Marvel. Of course. The weekend we finally get to go home for our study finals break he has to ruin it. I sit up immediately and my bedroom door slams open, Marvel leading with a bull horn and screaming loudly into it.

I clamp my hands over my ears. "Marvelllll!" I scream at him. "Will you please to me and the neighborhood a lovely favor and shut up?"

Marvel does no help but to ignore me and Gale and Thresh come in with confetti shooters, shooting everywhere. It's so loud and I am curled up in my pajamas, under the covers.

Foxface comes in with symbols and clashes them loudly. Clove has a drum wrapped around her neck and Cato has brought part favors. Katniss is throwing around flowers everywhere and Johanna is yelling at everybody. Typical Jo.

Blight has brought another confetti shooter and Peeta comes in pushing a huge cake. He has an apron on, flour in his hair, and a smug look on his face. The cake must have taken hours to make, days possibly. The room goes quite.

A grin is formed on my face but dissolves once as a screaming Finnick pops out of the pit of the chocolate cake, exploding cake all over my room. He is not even covered in chocolate. The cake is only in the outside, a hollow hole on the inside.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETUMS!" he yells, scaring me to death. The room is quiet again and I throw my arms around him, a grin forming on my face.

There's another moment of silence as my mother yells what the actual heck is happening and why is it so loud.

Then their musical yet deadly band starts again, the symbols, the confetti, the drums, the screaming, and of course, the laughter.

I tilt my head back laughing at all my stupid friends making a huge racket and an even bigger mess, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's short but all the rest of the chapter will be much longer, if I continue it (:

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