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The Dalish Warden (The Daughters of Thedas Book 1) by IceQueenofMitera
The Dalish Warden (The Daughters PT Lane
Realin Mahariel was one of the wandering peoples, the Dalish. Content with the life she was leading, a chance encounter with an ancient relic changes her life forever. R...
  • elf
  • darkspawn
  • conflict
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A little hope is effective. by Kiki-or-Coco
A little hope is Imperfectly-Perfect
The 74th hunger games. Looking from the perspective of a mentor from district 4. At the age of 15 Ayda won her hunger games but now she has a whole different battle at 1...
  • victors
  • finnickodair
  • peeta
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A Gods Greatest secret. (Bishamon X Kazuma)  by CreatingWonderland
A Gods Greatest secret. ( An Aspiring Artist
A shinki has three mains duties to there God. To Obey,To control there emotions and to control themself from falling into temptations that lead to committing sins. Respo...
  • blight
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Dragon Age: Origins | The story behind Cousland by SkullCandyy
Dragon Age: Origins | The story Dawn Summers
My name is Dawn Cousland. I had a normal life, a loving mother and a caring father. An annoying older brother that I loved. Until the night. Father send his army to Ost...
  • hero
  • ostagar
  • alistair
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Blight: A Poetry Collection by MitsunaAiri
Blight: A Poetry Collectionby MitsunaAiri
"If all I could do was look at you, I would've long gone blind, because looking at bright things for a long time covers your eyes from seeing anything else." A...
  • hiddengem
  • wattys2019
  • power
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Panem College by bookloverjacy
Panem Collegeby ♡ jacy ♡
ღ ( Sequel to Panem High ) ღ •{must read my other story first}• College! Everything is great, prank wars, romance, and parties. School and friends are perfect, but there...
  • gadge
  • anniecresta
  • finnick
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Book One: Fang Of Ferelden (Alistair Theirin) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Book One: Fang Of Ferelden ( Lone-wolf-fanfics
When her world is destroyed following the death of her parents, Fang is recruited into the Grey Wardens along with her twin brother, Bones. Follow Fang on her journey o...
  • soldiers
  • zevran
  • sten
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BLIGHT:- A Wings of Fire Fanfiction by Necroximus
BLIGHT:- A Wings of Fire Fanfictionby NecroxTheDragon
Hello all and welcome to an experiment. This is a fairly new idea, so I'm not gonna post it much, but I REALLY need feedback, so that being said, let's get right in to i...
  • blight
  • wingsoffire
  • thriller
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Dragon Age: Legacy by CM_Herndon
Dragon Age: Legacyby CM_Herndon
[[Incomplete]] Twenty four years have passed since the Inquisitor defeated Corypheus, changing Thedas forever. Growing up under the legacy of a true hero was never easy...
  • canon
  • blight
  • femaleprotagonist
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Blight: 2132 by RavenCrossford
Blight: 2132by Raven
Makakaligtas ka ba sa makabagong mundo? Kaya mo bang mabuhay bilang isang kriminal? Magtatagal ka ba sa mundo kung saan ang mayayaman ay umuunlad at ang mahihirap ay nan...
  • ash
  • bago
  • octavio
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The Snowflake that Died (Noragami FanFic) by KevinKwan
The Snowflake that Died ( Kevin Kwan
What happened to Yukine before he ever become a regalia? What was his family like? How did he die?
  • regelia
  • blight
  • yuki
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Panem High School by loveautumnl
Panem High Schoolby Autumn Her
Cato and Katniss have been friends forever! But when they go to Panem High School, Cato has to choose between Katniss and the popular group. If he chooses the popular gr...
  • anniecresta
  • madgeundersee
  • galehawthorne
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The Blight and the Staff by BittersweetGhosts
The Blight and the Staffby Delilah Nightingale
Young huntress Mor goes to the palace to get the king to save them from a magic force that is tainting the land. But, soon, she realizes that in the time they need it mo...
  • staff
  • zerrin
  • kimberly
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Baby bella remix by boobooaddison
Baby bella remixby boobooaddison
Yes I know it is only 1 chapter. If you get through this short story the sequel is a regular book. I wrote this story when I first got wattpad and it was acting up and n...
  • baby
  • bella
  • blight
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The Hunger Games Instagram by Savanna_Brazil
The Hunger Games Instagramby Savanna Brazil
The title is pretty self-explanatory, don't you think?
  • clove
  • katniss
  • cato
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The Blighted by TheCrafterDragon
The Blightedby TheCrafterDragon
The Enterprise has been sent to investigate the cause of a deadly blight that had set on a once lively world, Katsina. This blight turns the innocent living into parasi...
  • jameskirk
  • trek
  • star
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Poison (LoL Fanfic) by CNCMonster
Poison (LoL Fanfic)by FoxxoCatto
They might be different, but they're the same too. Meeting him would be such a regret for her. Who's "her"? Are they gonna fight? Find out in the story. A Zyra...
  • fanfic
  • zyraxvarus
  • quiterandom
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Thedas by Rouldex
Thedasby Jennifer
First off... This book will be kind of a story to do with the Dragon Age series of games told and seen from the eyes of Morrigan, who is a shapeshifter mage. A.k.a. Witc...
  • blight
  • witch
  • age
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Hunters and Heirs  by Miculmaniac
Hunters and Heirs by Nisha and Jessica
Originally on @MiculLup 's profile... Love drives people to do crazy things when they're desperate. Driven by a need for information and a burning quest for vengeance, t...
  • earth
  • blight
  • wind
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