Chapter Eight

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Clove's Pov

After I change into warm clothes I nestle back by Kat, who's wrapped in Peeta's arms.

I'm about to say how cute they are when interrupted with screaming. I see Glimmer. She's up and I realize why. Black Friday.

I jump up and we all pile in the van. I stuff my bag with the money Plutarch gave me. He trusts me not to spend all of it and I won't. At the mall it's crowded. We walk around and when it strikes midnight it goes crazy. I run inside and grab a pair of light blue jeggings and a long soft white knit sweater along with white fuzzy boots and a pale teal knit scarf. I run and grab matching teal barrettes and teal nail polish. I run up to the cashier, where most people are still shoping. I see a teal backpack with brown leather straps and add that. I think I got a good price.


Katniss's Pov

"Ooh!" I'm fawning over the diamond phone case Annie just got. We all climb back in the van and I have shopping bags full of stuff. It's two hours later that we escaped from the mob, and I see Clove's new knit sweater. We babble about it and I turn to compliment the jeans Finch got when Clove and Blight scream. "What?" Cato asks. "You okay?"

"We forgot Johanna at the food court!" she and Blight yell. "Omigods!" I scream. We left her by accident, our best friend, and I can only imagine the smoke coming out of her ears as she marches over and gives us a black eye. Finnick spins the wheel so fast I go toppling onto Cato and turn pink.

We drive so fast and sure enough there's Johanna angrily holding two churros and wearing her new black hoodie. She glares at us and I can't help but stifle a laugh. "We're so sorry!" we chant apologetically. "Yeah, yeah," she grumbles, flopping next to Clove and Blight. "I can't believe my best friends forgot me!" she exclaims, handing Clove the other churro. She has several bags and I peek through. "What?!" I shriek, holding out the video game. "You got Bloody Zombie Attack 2?!"

"Yeah!" Gale yells, high-fiving her. I sigh and look through the other one, consisting of a black leather skirt and a thick leather black bracket with spikes, both matching Clove's.

Glimmer spent at least two hundred dollars, whereas I only spent eighty-five. She has two bottles of perfume to add to her four others and more lipstick. "You already have this one!" Finch protests. "Nuh-uh!" Glimmer cries, snatching it back. "This is a slightly lighter shade!" The boys roll their eyes. "Well look at what you got!" Glimmer shrieks, pulling sugar cubes out. "You have these already!"

Finnick snatches them back. "Nuh-uh! The other pack was a fifty, this is a hundred!" he cries, mimicking her tone. I look through her other things and a pair of heels catch my eye. I'll have to borrow these, I thought to myself.

Back at Finnick's the next day I try to shove all my new clothes in my suitcase, failing. I have a new outfit, consisting of a brown cardigan and a lacy white shirt. I paired it with my new brown skinny jeans and brown heels, which actually looks cute. It's a little warm and we got to the skatepark, where I just trudge up a hill and drink lemonade and eat a sandwich.

I see Clove and Johanna wearing twinsie outfits, ripped light purple skinny jeans in a punk way, a black tank, and a light purple cardigan with those black spike bracelets and combat boots. Their long hair is neatly braided under those rock hard helmets. I hear some jocks wolf-whistling and Cato and Blight trying to keep their temper in. That won't be a problem, those boys. They look around high school juniors, but they're stupid enough not to see Clove and Johanna are clearly out of their league, no matter how tiny Clove is.

Peeta wraps his arm around me and points at the clouds. "Look," he says. "That looks like a toilet." I laugh and point at what he was pointing at. "That one looks like you." "Hey!" he cries. "Miss Everdeen you will have to pay." I grin. "How much?" I joke. "Two kisses!" he says, as I pay my debt. We fall asleep there and when I wake up the entire group is around us, startling me. Peeta yawns. "How long we were asleep?"

"A half hour," Finnick answers. "We left to get churros from Starbucks and when we came back you were still asleep." I see the group with churros and lattes. Annie shares some with me and we drive back home, where I try to enjoy the weekend before we need to drive back to college.



I groan. We told Marvel to bring a movie so on the way back we could be entertained. He gleefully put in a movie and we knew what it was from Bethy's screams, still paused from when we saw it the other night. We forced him to turn it off and then he started singing. "Peeeta and Katniss, sittin' in a treee," he sang, as I face palm. "Kay-eyeee-es-es-eyee-ennn-geeee!"

I groan. He sang it until all the couples got sang. "-Finch and Threeesh sittin' in a treeee!"

"Shut up!" we all yell. "Party poopers!" he screams at us. "Mee and Glimmmah sittin' in a treeee! Kay-eyee-es-es-eyye-enn-geee!" Luckily Finnick just pulled up and I had never been so happy to get out. We run full speed with our suitcases away from Marvel, all the way until we reach our dorms. We burst through laughing. "I almost feel bad," Glimmer pants, laughing. We unpack our things and as I fold my new leggings the door slams open.

"What?" I scowl. Peeta rummages through Johanna's bag and pulls out the video game. "Let's play!"

Johanna's Pov

The other girls are forced into Finch, Madge, and Glimmer's room. Glimmer pulls out a ten bottle nail polish pack and they shriek and start painting each other's nails. Finnick brought out some tees from a bag and I jam it on.

It's black and says Bloody Zombie Attack 2 on it in red drippy writing. There happen to be Zombie heads and blood dripping in a puddle next to it and I high five Finn. The shirt hugs me a little bit tightly and Blight whistles, earning a punch to the arm. "Oww!" he howls. "Jeez that hurt!" I stick my tongue out.

Annie's Pov

Yes. This is cute, I think to myself as I put tiny dolphin stickers to my light blue nails. Cute. There's a terrible scream from the other room and the ugliest voice I've ever heard says, "You lose. The zombies will haunt you for ever and ever....." Ugh! They play again and I roll my eyes.

"Take that suckers!" I hear Thresh's voice and I see all nine of them hooked up in the double-playered side, allowing them to hook nine controllers. Johanna and Thresh are on the couch with Blight in the middle. Clove is on the ground by Johanna's feet and on Cato's lap , who is next to Marvel and then Finnick.Peeta is on the recliner and Gale is on the massage chair, clearly enjoying himself. Finnick has brought out fruit punch and and a bag of pistachios. "DIE ALREADY YOU MORON!" Johanna yells, throwing a fistful of pistachio shells in the air. There is a gross splatter sound from the screen and Thresh cackles. Disgusted, I turn away. That's when I see it and scream.


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