Chapter Two

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Gale's Pov

School is tiring. We have loads of homework and I just can't wait to get the day off on Saturday. The past two weeks have been so sore. Coach Enobaria made us run two miles and what's really unfair is that Coach Brutus favors Cato and Clove since they come from Two, although he always declines it.

I went to visit Madge, and when I walked in it was spotless. Wow. The beds were made and the food nicely tucked in the pantry. She showed me the bathroom and their side was caked with Glimmer's makeup. Katniss's room was a mess. It wasn't as messy as ours, but still messy. The beds were unmade and Clove's dresser had a collection of knives. In the corner was the Delly-Punching-Bag, which obviously had been used over the past year. There was an axe under a bed, I'm assuming Johanna's.

The kitchen had full pantries with chips poking out. The T.V only had three movies, Axe Murderer Awakes, Mean Girls, and Mean Girls Two. Whereas we guys have all rated R films.

Madge and I complained together about homework and stuff. It was pretty exciting, the Halloween party coming up, thrown at Maysilee Donner's lake house. Madge was going to be a pretty hot bunny.

Clove's Pov

It was finally the first day of October, and it was fall. I slipped on black tights, a green tank, and black chunky boots that went up to my knees. I curled my hair and tied it into a ponytail. Good.

I grab my bag and phone, slip my knife in my boot and walked out to school. Lucile shoves me against a wall and I grab her hair and yank her off. Delly pries her nails into my neck and sneers. Now I know why Cato was groaning in pain on Prom. I felt blood drip in my neck, but it was nothing compared to Brady's pain. I kick her hard but Lucille grabs my hands. "Where's Cashmere?" I sneer. She rolls her eyes. "Don't act so tough, Clover. We all know you're a weak little baby without my CatoBear."

"Actually, he's Clove's CatoBear," a voice says. Johanna steps out and knocks Lucille and Delly out with her fist. "Thanks," I breathe. She nods. Our arms are loosely linked and we walk down to the courtyard, before first period. I make sure to wipe off my minor injury from Delly, not wanting stupid pity. Cato holds my hand and I lean against him. Tomorrow is finally Friday.

On Friday I wake especially early, and sneak into Cato's dorm for the daily breakfast feast. I wake Peeta, and we cook, being the best cooks. I find pancake batter and mix it with birthday cake ice cream. Yum. Peeta starts to make fresh buttery bread and the smell is so delicious it wakes the boys. They race to brush their teeth and beg to taste. I text the girls to come over and when they get here it's finished. We all crowd around the dining table, and even with the extra chairs there's not enough space. I have to sit on Cato's lap, which doesn't seem to bother him.

We all wake up early on Friday's, so we have time to eat a nice meal. They all compliment the cooking and Katniss makes coffee, and I specially make myself a cappuccino blast, using ice cream.

Cato's Pov

On the party the following few weeks, a week before Halloween itself, I dress up as the devil. I spike my hair, dress in a biker's red shirt that show off my muscles, a spiky leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and red converse.

I meet Clove there, who looks smoking. She has a tight red silky dress that's puffy at the bottom. It's goes down to her knees and is pretty tight. Her leather jacket is the same but smaller and she's wearing blood red heels. Her eye makeup is hot and her hair is in a straight, long ponytail. I can see Gloss Sanders checking her out and that makes me steaming. I swoosh my arm around her waist and kiss her.

I get some drinks and accidentally get drunk. I stumble everywhere, trying to find the other devil. Lucille and Dellly are ugly Barbie dolls and Delly is trying to get Peeta. Katniss is nowhere to be seen and James Peterson is running around without a shirt. I stumble into a bedroom to see Gloss and Clove kissing and I laugh. Gloss leaves and I smell some type of alcohol on her lips. I decide to lean in and kiss her, which we do for hours. Or at least I think so.

Johanna's Pov

When I wake up we're still at Maysilee's. Everyone has left and I see pants on the floor. Katniss has a love bite on her neck and Madge is still fast asleep. I have a headache and Finch is throwing up in the garbage. Finnick is sleeping on James Peterson's pants, the one he was wearing yesterday. He's gone though. I see Cato and Clove, laughing loudly. Well, Clove is. Cato looks annoyed. She giggles and jumps on me. "JO!" she screams. I nicely shove her off. "What's wrong with you?" She readjusts her devil's tail and trips over Finnick, who is now awake and complaining. Clove giggles and slaps Peeta's face and dumps a cup of water on Gale. They're outraged and I frown. "She must've had too much to drink," Maysilee says, picking up trash. "She's very small."

"Cato!" she shrieks, slamming herself into him. "Kiss me!" She slams into him again and he falls. "No, Clove," he says. "I'm not taking advantage of you."

That only makes her more upset. "Kiss me!" she screams at him. Then she giggles and gets herself knocked out by falling over Blight's body.

Cato picks her up and we get the rest. We shove ourselves into the van and we all complain. "Delly tried to get all over me," Peeta groans. "James threw his shirt at me!"Glimmer shrieks. "I accidentally peed on Maria Jones!" Marvel shouts. We all laugh at that.

Clove is still knocked out and Katniss shakes her head. "That was the worst party ever." We all agree.

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