First kiss

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-you were sitting with him watching Rick and Morty laughing at some dirty ass joke

-he just started to stare at you and couldn't help but realize how beautiful you were and how lucky he is to have you

-you turned to face him and smiled "What?"

-he smiled at you and kissed you square on the lips


-you and him were filming in Bora Bora for your movie

-you were bouncing on the huge ass bed in your hotel room and he just laid on the bed laughing at how cute you were

-you fell back and rolled onto him and laughed a bit

"You are so cute."

-he leaned up to kiss you

-sis that was it a bitch felt some type of way😂

-you were swimming in Jaeden's pool.

-oddly everyone wasn't "ready to swim."

-that shit was planned, even Jaeden's mom knew it

-Jack pushed you in and you pulled him in with you

-lil bean got triggered and grabbed onto you

"I hate you."

"I love you too."

-sweet lil peck turned into a whole ass make out session.

-and what do you know everyone was ready all of the sudden

-it was NOT what you expected

-you were doing your makeup in his bathroom

-he came in and took away as much makeup from you as he could

-you were triggered bc you only started to bake your face

-he laughed bc you're a bit shorter than him, you were on your tip toes

-you were too focused on trying to take the makeup away to realize that he was leaning in to kiss you

-you was shook hunty  S H O O K

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