Surprise visits from you

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-tbh you always go and surprise him and he loves you so much for it

-"y/n!! I was just thinking about you!!"

-^in all honesty though he's always thinking of you

-he is always kissing you which you don't really mind

-when you try and surprise him it's not all that successful the first few times

-once you both went to surprise each other and that really backfired

-he's real clingy and holds onto you like his life depends on it

-"I have to pee Jae."

-"Five more minutes."

-if you surprise him I wouldn't expect to go home the same day, he will NOT allow it

-going live doing a mukbang

-constant make out sessions, sis no space no air

-going to the skate park really late at night and acting dumb

-when you surprise him you usually get in bed while he's asleep and wake up with him

-you scared him the first time he hit you

-he felt so bad so he just stayed in bed with you all day :)

-every other time he was so happy to see you he smiles

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