Chapter Three: Daddy Issues

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The lunch room bustled with chatter and excitement. Excitement over the evaluations. It's morbid really. These teenagers are excited to be selected to be part of the Alpha's army, to die. I understand its appeal. No one has ever met the Alpha and it is said that he has a son two years older than myself that no one has ever seen. It's the newness that everyone is excited about. I doubt it's the training and the inevitable death. Thankfully and sadly they are only taking 100 to 150 werewolves from each sections.

I'll admit it. I want to be apart of it and I'm not worried about it. I'm one of the best fighters of this section. Let's chuck it us to my genetics. My father was in charge of training this section of the pack. He was also the head training coordinator for this entire pack, meaning that he oversaw the training for each sector and reported back to Alpha. He was among the few of those in this section that had seen and met the Alpha.

Even before I was supposed to start training, my father began to teach me. By the time I started training with this sector, I was already in the top of my age group. Very few wolves grew up this way, Cyrus was the only other one close to my age who had. He is my only real competition.

My life took a turn for the worst when Dad died four years ago. He had died in the final battle of the last war. His death reeked havoc among the section as well as the pack. He was well known and well liked. With his absence, the Alpha had to select a new trainer for this section as well as a new head training coordinator for the entire pack.

Sadly, the brother of one of Cyrus's friends took over the position in this sector. Which means I was, and still am, often a target during training for absolutely everyone. The new head training coordinator isn't too keen about me or my family. He had been groomed his whole life to become the head training coordinator but the Alpha made a shocking decision and selected my father. He had always been a great warrior and leader; I imagine this is what the Alpha saw in him.

Because of this history, the current training coordinator might be my only problem with getting into the Alpha's army.

My dad's death is the starting point to when my life became a nightmare.

After Dad died, Mom was thrown into a severe depression; one that she still has. Though they were never true mates, they loved each other much like mates. For the first three months, her high paying job let her absences slide but eventually they had to let her go. Still severely depressed and lacking a job, I started offering myself as a tutor for both humans and werewolves in order to make money for the family. I would either tutor in studies or training. Whatever the parents wanted me to do, I did.

Eventually Mom got another job. It wasn't as nice as the other one but still made good money. She was doing well there but then the anniversary of Dad's death came up and she became sad again. This time she turned to drinking. She spent most of the nights in a black memory of alcohol and hungover at her job. Her employers didn't like this and fired her.

We didn't know that Mom was fired until her scandal was revealed.

Mom had wrecked the household of the Mayfair's and scorned our family as trash.

Mom had been working with escort service right under our noses. Cyrus's dad was a frequent customer and came to fall for Mom. Still hung up on Dad, Mom never reciprocate the feelings and admitted to just using Mr. Mayfair for his money and body. As soon as his wife found out, she requested a divorce since they weren't mates and paired together at a young age.

The Mayfair's had been seen as this perfect little family and the scandal threw his whole world off. He grew anger at my family and it was me that he took it out on. Still does.

During school, I get his constant bullying and remarks. Reminding me that I'm the daughter of a whore and stating comments that insinuate that my mom wasn't faithful to my dad. I know otherwise. Being Mr. Popular, the other students followed his lead and cast me as the outsider. He picked on my limited number of friends and my harsh personality; calling me a "bitch" or "cold-hearted". Shouldn't he know that damage comes with the wreck?

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