Chapter 9: For the Love of a Daughter

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"August! August! Please! Please rethink this," my mother begs as she clutches onto my arm.

Her fingers dig and her body pulls me down as I ignore her presence. I drag her throughout the house as I continue my actions of packing. I don't care what she says to me or what she does. None of it matters anymore. I have been selected, along with Julius, and I won't go back on that.

Julius helps me pack but the sad look on his face says he's not happy about it. Not completely. He doesn't hate our mother like I do. He's nicer than I am. More forgiving.

I feel a tug on my arm.

"What is there to rethink? Finally getting recognized for my talents. Check. The opportunity to fight for our Alpha and pack. Check. The chance to get out of here. Check."

"Don't say that! I love you! This is your home," My mother pleads.

I snap my body around and throw my arms in the air. She backs away startled by my movement. I don't want her selfish hands on me. Expecting more out of me. I've been manipulated so many times before that 'I love you' just sounds like I lie. How can she lie to her flesh and blood.

"No! It isn't. It hasn't been since Dad died. And we are not coming back."

Grabbing the rest of our things, I leave through the open door with Julius close on my heels. I can hear my mother's crying and even the sound of her knees hitting the pavement as she breaks down. I'm surprised she even reacts like this. I know she had a hollowed out heart. Maybe it's starting to feel heavy in her chest.

I don't look behind me.

I won't give her that satisfaction.

Julius can't help himself but watch the scene unfold before him as we walk away. I can feel my wolf calling out to her own to say goodbye. It's a lost cause. Since the death of Dad, my mother's wolf has been gone. If she had still been present, this moment would be playing out differently. My mother's wolf would have had the strength to be there for her pups. Something my mother didn't have.

Go back! Comfort her! You can leave her! My wolf persists.

I'm doing what's best for us. What's best for Julius and his wolf. I tell her.

But it's not what's best for her. Or her wolf.

You can feel her wolf? I ask in surprise.

There is a pause before my wolf responds, Barely.

Julius and I walk side by side quietly, not wanting to acknowledge what just happened. After some time, I began to nudge against his shoulder in an attempt to throw him off balance. The best that my strength did was make him take a few steps to the other side and bring a smile to his face.

I like seeing him like this; happy and without pressure on his shoulders. He should look like this all the time and thanks to the Army he can. Or at least as much as he can considering he's going into the Army. Though I'm guessing that because of his age, he won't be seeing much fighting. I hope he doesn't see much fighting besides training.

We come upon the train station where the other selected wolves wait. There are about a hundred of us that have been selected to fight and another 50 or so selected to be our trainers. We are the second farthest sector in our pack and with the train hitting the farthest sectors first, we only have to wait a few more minutes until the train arrives.

It isn't too hard to find Zeke and Ever seeing as they stand away from the others. Since they decided to side with me after my family's reputation blew up, they were cast as outsiders along with me.

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