Chapter 17: Skyscraper

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The water in front of me ripples as I lightly kick my legs back and forth. There's a silence to these woods that I admire. Though the chirping of birds and the crunch of animal walking can be heard in this distance, it's quiet enough for me to live in the wind. Listen as it rustles the leaves, disturbing their peace. I like watching the leaves flitter in the light. As I stare up at them, I feel as if it's my first time seeing with clarity. Noticing the detail and beauty in something that has always been around me. I don't want to think. This pond, hidden in the middle of the woods, is the perfect place for that.

My isolation is shortly ruined when I hear the movement of branches behind me. Nothing in my being tells me to be scared or on edge so I sit calmly. My sense of smell only confirms that when I recognize the scent. The person comes to sit beside me but says nothing. I want to look at them, even though I know exactly who it is. Instead of talking, I lean my head against his strong shoulder. He's been getting bigger since coming here and apart of me is proud. I smile weakly, feeling content in the moment but still feeling the reminder of the day in the back of my mind.

"You found me," I whisper my voice cracking just slightly.

"I know where you go when you break down. I've seen you hit this point before even if you didn't know," Julius says calmly.

Lifting up and looking into his innocent blue eyes, I see sadness but no pity hidden in those pools. He's looking at me with the intent of love. I return to my position on his shoulder and feel him place a soft kiss on my temple. My eyes begin to water at the thought that instead me being the older sibling, comforting and creating a safe zone, it's him.

"Bently tried to go to Zeke first when you disappeared," I begin to laugh at this notion, "She thought he would know because of your...connection."

I continue to laugh at the thought of Bently trying to explain what happened to Zeke and expecting him to  know where I went. I could understand Ever but not Zeke. We may be close but I won't ever let Zeke see me like this. I don't even know if I would let myself be that vulnerable to him if we did eventually become mates. And maybe that's exactly why we probably won't be true mates.

"Theo and Cyrus are in the infirmary," Julius says interrupting my thoughts

I can tell he wants me to respond but I can't. I don't know what I'll say or how I'll react. How my wolf will react. Sadness? Anger? Guilt? Part of me is too exhausted from the emotional drain I've already suffered today and the other doesn't want Julius to see me break down again. Or worse feel bad. Do I even feel bad? Honestly, I don't but will he then see me as evil. I don't want him to see me as anything other than his strong, older sister.

"The Alpha wants to see you. There's a car waiting for you," His voice drops off and I can feel his worry radiate through my bones.

"I didn't want to meet him like this," a silent cry can be heard in the back of my throat.

Lifting myself from him, I feel a tear roll down my face and I can't help but laugh at my situation. I came here with the intent to leave behind my demons. The darkness that prevented me from improving. Prevented me from making my life better. Julius' life better.

I imagined meeting the Alpha because he wanted me to lead an attack or for a medal of honor. He would recognize the greatness in me and show everyone from my past that I was more than ceiling they place me under. The one that seemed to pushed down harder every time I punched with more strength.

"I wish I could come with you,"

I twist in the grass so he can look at my face but he picks at the grass, throwing it at the mirror surface. Capping my hand over his, I get his eyes to click in with mine. He's so anxious. It's there clouding his sight, seeming into his mind. Drawing up conclusions before the results are written or even discovered.

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