Chapter 19

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Seven days. 

Seven days of the four walls of my room; watching the shadows created by the sun elongating and shortening as the day passed. It might have not been so torturous if I had a different roommate. I don't know if Kris is normally out of the room so often or if because I was held captive here, that she decided to stay away. Beyond my own pacing back and forth across the floor, my wolf was unbearably restless. Without the ability to tap into her strength through training, she was throwing herself at the confined walls of my mind. Not to mention that I've had very little socialization with anyone, so she hadn't been able to communicate with anyone's wolves.

The only solace I found was at meals. There was a few times where Bently broke the rules and delivered my meal to me. She could only stay for ten minutes but at least I got a quality conversation. I tried with Kris, believe me, but she isn't much of a chatter. Most often than not, Beckett brought me food. I'm not sure how he swung that but he only stayed for the same amount of time Bently did. He confessed to me that since Theo and Cyrus have been back, which started Monday, him and Griffin have not been easy on them. I don't need Beckett to stand up for me, the boys clearly got a taste of my revenge last week, but it is nice to have someone else.

Beckett isn't what I imagined he would be. He has always joined the group for meals and outings; even dragging Griffin sometimes. But I never considered him a friend to me until this past week. I like his balance. He lets himself get anger; knowing how to use that power and strength, but doesn't let this prevent him from being open or comforting. I want that quality in myself. Beckett is the right amount of calm. I was gladly surprised at how well we connected once we found ourselves alone.

A drop of a plate on the table shakes me from the thoughts of last week and draws me to reality. Ever sits in front of me with Bently on one side of her and Calypso on the other. As for myself, Beckett and Zeke sandwich me. From the way their backs are erect and their eyes constantly assessing their surroundings, I know they've taken it upon themselves to protect me. As they sat besides me, simultaneously, I gave them a dirty side eye but they laughed it off. I even tried to push Beckett away from me, but all I felt were the vibrations of his silent laughter though my back. When I looked up at him, he had a gleam in his eye, and a cheeky smile. I decided to give up, and secretly love that they wanted to do this for me.

Nobody has said anything for the entirety of the ten minutes we've been sitting here. We all looked around the dinning hall to be greeted by other eyes directed towards me. Whispers rang through the room but I knew most of their conversations were being done through mindlink. If they weren't directly talking to someone else, their thoughts were probably open to all the nearby pack mindlinks; meaning everyone around me was getting to hear everything they said. I had turned off my mindlink again shortly after beating up Theo and Cyrus. I didn't want anyone reaching out to be but Julius ended up finding me anyway. I'm glad I did it because for moments like this, I could act oblivious to everyone's comments and opinions.

Clearing her throat, Bently spoke up, finally breaking the silence, "I'm so excited to have you back. It's been to boring with out you."

Great! I'm her only source of entertainment, My wolf snaps

Stop! She's being nice! I correct.

Well I'm in the fighting mood

I could feel my wolf mentally pouting in the corner of my mind. Instead of saying anything, in fear of what might come out, I nod my head with an inviting smile. Beckett turns to look at me with an questioning expression, he knows somethings up. Here I am, after a week of no socialization, denying a conversation. I look him in the eye and shake my head as if to tell him not to worry about it.

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