Chapter 11: Me, Myself, & Time

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The feelings of hands gripping my shoulders, violently shakes me from a sleep I wished was deeper. I know I'll need the hours, even if it is the first day of training. I can't imagine they would go easy. I, unwillingly, pry my eyes open to find Kris standing above me with an irritated look. If she wasn't such a bitch, she might be more attractive.

"This is the last time I wake you up. Get dressed," Kris commands as she walks into our bathroom.

I look towards the dresser where her eyes flicked to when she brought up my attire. Sitting on top of the wooden surface is a gold tank top and yoga pants with a gold stripe down the side. Kris is wearing the same one, so I guess the army gave us the same uniform to train in. As I pull the material over my body, I was surprised to see how well it fit considering we weren't asked our sizes.

While collecting my things, Kris storms out of the room, leaving me behind. I scoff to myself. She clearly isn't here to make friends, and that I understand, but shouldn't she want to be at least mutual with her roommate. I'm not going to let her behavior shake me but it would be nice to be living with someone I actually enjoy being around.

With my bag in hand, I make my way to the cafeteria for breakfast. The hall is a sea of colors. Unlike my black and gold based outfit, I see a room of every shade. My only thought to this, is that we have been separated by rank. Zeke isn't anywhere nearby so I don't know how he ranks. There is no way that Ever would be in my group, but there is a great chance that Cyrus is wearing gold.

Suddenly, my side are squeezed in a pinching manner, turning around, with my fingers already in a fist, I am ready to attack. To my surprise, I see the person behind me duck down. When he stands, I'm face to face with Julius. He's dressed in a purple short sleeve and black bottoms. His face glows with a smile, proud of sneaking up on me. Before he can speak or walk away, I grab him into a hug.

"August, stop this! People can see us!" Julius complains as I tighten my grip on him.

"I have not see you for almost 24 hours," I say, sitting down at a nearby table. "Tell me about Prescott, Ever said that you guys are getting along well. Have you met other people wearing purple? It looks good on you. Are you nervous..."

"Whoa, what has gotten into you? We've gone more than 24 hours without seeing each other before," Julius reminds me.

He begins to dig into the waffle on his plate. I still haven't gotten my breakfast but right now my concern is with him.

"Yeah but that was a different time. Different place..."

"Okay. Prescott is cool, very much like me. He's also in purple. Neither one of us are very happy about it." I give him a curious look to have him continue. "I live on one of the top floors... The floors are ranked by best to worst. Your's, the gold group, is the best wolves. I'm like second or third to last,"

Julius' face goes grim. I want to feel bad for him, I do, but I'm not. He probably won't see the battlefield. He was proud of himself for getting into the Army and maybe the evaluators thought he was good enough, because he is, but there is always that thought in the back of my head that tells me that I got him the spot. I told Syler that we were a package deal. Clearly, they think I am one of the best wolves, considering I am in the gold group, so they couldn't risk not accepting Julius because of my deal.

"Then prove to them that you are better than they assumed. Show them what kind of fighter you are!" I encourage him.

It hurts me but I know it's the best thing for him to hear.

A young boy, Julius' age begins to walk towards us. He had short curly blonde hair and light brown eyes. He seems naive but good hearted. He sits down beside Julius. Based on how comfortable the two sit, I assume that this boy is Prescott. Just as I'm about to introduce myself and get to know Prescott, I see two guys in gold walk out of the cafeteria. Not wanting to risk being late to anything, I get up.

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