Chapter Four: Kiss with a Fist

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Zeke, Ever and I head to training once the sun goes down. Gathered on the training ground the size of a three college football fields, were hundreds of wolves. Ages 13-40.  Once we join the rest of the group,  it isn't long till Cyrus comes to stand beside me. I can feel his eyes trail down my body taking in my outfit; tight shorts and a hugging tank-top. I can sense his hand reaching towards my ass but before he can make contact, I grab his wrist and twist it.

"Stop touching me," I growl.

"Never," He whispers in my ear.

I release his wrist only to form a fist and throw it into his groin. As he bends over, he grips onto my arm, painfully. I hold in a silent gasp as Cyrus doesn't hold back any of his strength. As he collects himself and stands up,  he keeps his hand on me. Ever clears her throat lightly. To anyone else it wouldn't be much more than a soft sound from a small girl. But I know better. I turn to Ever and she has a grim look on her face as if to say she is sorry. She holds pity for me. I shake my head at her. I can handle this.

Cyrus has put me through worse.

We all listen as Cadence, our head trainer of this section, tell us the schedule for today. Together the entire pack begins to do their ten laps around the field. The poor 13 year olds are barely able to keep themselves from passing out. And the forty year olds try to act like the ten laps are easy but they are struggling.

Ever finishes before all of us. Her small frame makes her quick and agile. Zeke, Cyrus and I, stay in pace together but as we reach the finish line, Cyrus trips me. I don't fall to ground gracefully but collapse only to summersault and stand up. I give Cyrus a look, showing him that his attempt to embarrass me failed. All he does is roll his eyes at me and shove me to the ground as he passes by.

"Ever, agility training. Ezekiel, lifting. Cyrus, combat. August, combat..." Cadence continues to divide everyone up while the four of us split.

Cadence makes it a point to always divide me from my friends. I'm pretty sure it's all part of Cyrus's plan to make me an outsider. Remove the support system, remove the confidence. Cyrus still hasn't learned that it isn't my friends that give me my confidence and drive.

Cadence goes over some of the traditional fighting moves we have all known for years but he does this to make sure we haven't forgotten our basics. He then goes on to introduce a new technique. Well it should be new, if I hadn't taught it to myself months ago. I'm not paying attention to a word he is saying and it's obvious.

"August. Cyrus. How about you demonstrate this move," Cadence commands.

The entire crowd snickers. I'm thankful it's smaller than the normal size. The 16-year-old sophomores and half of the juniors are separated for their evaluation. Everyone creates an arena for Cyrus and I by creating an enclosed circle. The sun has completely gone by now and the football style lights light up the field.

At the instruction of Cadence, we start. Cyrus is the first to make a move by throwing a few jabs but I jump out of the way and find myself right in front one of Cyrus's lackeys. He kicks the back of my knee and I collapse to the group. Seeing the advantage, Cyrus takes punches me in the face. Finding the opportunity of my lower level, I swing my legs around and knock Cyrus off of his feet. Before he can fall, his lackeys grabs him underneath his armpits and lifts him up. I stand before Cyrus can hit me again.

He's cheating, my wolf yells.

I'm well aware, I respond.

We move to the center of the circle and continue to throw several punches. I land a few good ones on his cheek, hoping they would bruise and mess up his perfect face. As for him, he aims towards my stomach. I hear Cadence tell us to start the move. I'm not sure who is going to be the advancer so I take the chance. I begin to move towards Cyrus, which causes him to back up to the edge of the circle. I extend my arm to grab onto his shoulder so I can press into his pressure point and force him down but he dodges it. Like me, he's been practicing this which means he taught it to himself prior to training.

My extended hand  is grabbed by some girl in the crowd. She twists it out of place. I back up clutching my wrist and snap it back into place so I can keep fighting. While I'm distracted by my wrist, Cyrus performs the move and I land on my back with the wind knocked out of me. All around, everyone cheers for Cyrus while Cadence comes to stand above me.

"That was pathetic," He remarks.

I get up in a huff and stand nose to nose with him.

"It wasn't a fair fight," I yell.

"You can't claim any fight you lose unfair. It's unsportsmanlike."

"Don't act like you didn't notice Cyrus's friend knocking me down and helping him. Or the girl who practically snapped my wrist in order to prevent me from doing that move."

"Give me your wrist," I place my hand in his. He's not going to notice anything now that I've fixed it. "There's nothing wrong with you. Stop making excuses."

Cadence began to walk away from me but I grab onto his arm and pull him back to me. I know I've used too much aggression when he glares at me. I ignore his stare and continue to defend myself.

Oh no, my wolf comments.

"Don't act blind. Their cheating makes me look bad. I know you don't like me. None of you do. But if you would quit letting him cheat and let me look good, I could be selected for the Alpha's army and be out of your hair. If you weren't so indolent..."

"Get off your high horse, August. You try to act better than everyone but you're just a piece of trash and a whore like your mother," I extend my hand to slap him but he catches my wrist and twists. I silently gasp for it's the same wrist the girl twisted. ".... Go run the suicide trail."

I rip my hand out of his grasp and head towards the trail. Those standing in the circle have yet to disperse. Why would they? I'm giving them a show. As I make my way through the crowd, I see Cyrus leaning against the tree that begins the Suicide Trial. 

He steps away and into my line of sight.

 "Did I hurt you?" he mocks "What me to kiss it better?"

Kiss is what he wants, a kiss is what he'll get. I pull my hand back and punch him straight in the face before he can say anything more. A kiss with a fist is better than nothing.

3 Days till...Announcement of Accepted Werewolves


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