Chapter 16: Cry Baby

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Warm hands rub against my arm in slow, meticulous motions of subtle comfort. Fluttering my eyes open, I welcome morning. Ever's soft face smiles at me with her blue eyes twinkling. I smile back at her and cuddle into her crouched spot on the bed. Her fingers lace through my hair, combing it as I shut my eyes, not to fall asleep but to give into the sensation. When her hand stops moving, I can sense that she wants to talk. 

I sit up and let the covers pool around my waist. On the nightstand, folded in a pile, are my training clothes. She must have grabbed them from the room. I'm sure Kris was thrilled to be woken by my friend collecting clothes for me. I look at Ever and see worry rest in her eyes and sorrow trace her face.

"What happened last night?" She asks grabbing my hands in her own.

"It was a misunderstanding," I simply state but I can tell she doesn't believe me.

One hand lets go and reaches towards my neck which shudders at her touch.

"But what happened exactly?" She presses.

I shake her hands from my own and begin to get up from the bed, "Don't worry about it. I'm going to take care of it."

Just as my words finish, we hear of thud of a body against a door. We look to the bathroom where Calypso is getting ready. Ever races over to door quicker than me. Through the wood, we can hear Calypso gasping for breath. I can almost imagine her clawing at her throat to find the source of what is cutting off her air supply.

Ever jiggles the door handle trying to get it open but Calypso locked the door. I can see Ever panicking. Bumping Ever aside, I grip the handle hard and turn it, breaking the metal. When we get inside, we can see Calypso's eyes glowing silver while she gasps. But the light is fading and she's gaining more air.

"Are you alright?" Ever asks squatting down to Calypso's spot on the floor.

"Yes, it was just another episode," Calypso brushes off as she stands on shaky legs.

As she leaves, I look to Ever, "Episode?"

"She's connected to the Moon Goddess so sometimes she sends messages and sometimes she sends visions. Usually of the past and how it will influence the future. She experiences the visions as if they are happening to her rather than as an outsider. It really freaked me out the first time it happened," Ever explains.

I nod and watch as Ever exits the bathroom. Finding the space to myself, I turn to look at my reflection. My skin seems normal besides the purple markings around my neck. Each of Theo's finger's are easily distinguishable on my cream skin. Even his fingertips have left their print on my cheeks from where his hand had clamped down on my mouth. When I look to my thigh, I can see the indents of his nails and where the skin had ripped. I can feel tears well in my eyes at the sight and thought of it all.

I need to talk to him. There must have been a misunderstanding from when we were training to when we met in the lounge. He must have believed I was into this kind of thing based on how I flirted in training. Pressing my back to the wall, I try to think about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it but all I can think about is the anger he held in his eyes after I pushed him off. There wasn't hurt like you'd expect from rejection, or understanding for what he was doing. All there was, was anger and to face that again, when trying to reconcile everything that's happened, is something I don't want to do. I want to unravel this mess and move of.

Ever and Calypso leave the room shortly. I think they had both secretly agreed that I needed more time to myself to be prepared for the day. Part of me doesn't want them to see me as the weak girl, influenced by a man's actions but there's the other side of me who likes that for once I'm not the one being responsible and comforting. Not being strong and intimidating but vulnerable. 

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