Chapter Seven: Confident

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My body aches and my skin is bruised. And not just from love bites by Cyrus. Things got a little out of hand last night. All I can clearly remember is Cyrus promising to punish me. Shortly after that, my wolf took control and from the scene I woke up to in Cyrus's room, our wolves were fighting each other; not in the bloody-violent way. If the broken closet door and the shattered picture frames aren't evidence enough, the black and blue marks across my body are.

Part of me thinks that this was his plan all along. Cyrus wanted me sore for our physical evaluation today. If that was his plan, isn't wasn't very logical. Cyrus likes his toys and he wouldn't want to leave without them. He would want me to be in the Alpha's army. He would want to toy with me even if we were in a different sector.

"Alright, line up," a voice commands.

Standing in the center of the training field wearing a very out of place outfit of a dress shirt and tie is the Pack Training Coordinator, Syler. He's in his late forties, the same age my father would have been if it weren't for his death. Syler walks down the line which contains the seniors and college age werewolves. Anyone older than 23 would be evaluated based on normal training performance. They didn't need a specific evaluation like we did.

"There is a war coming and our pack needs an army. As instructed by Alpha Aleric, I have been sent to the five sectors of this pack to select the strongest, smartest, and fiercest wolves each sector has to offer,"

As Syler says this he stops at my spot in line and gives me a dirty look. He know who I am. He knows I'm my father's daughter. The daughter of the man who took his job all those years ago. I can feel his eyes sizing me up and making judgements on my performance before I've even shown him what I can do.

"You will be tested on five aspects: speed, agility, strength, fighting skill, and transformation. Along with your scores on the conceptual test taken yesterday, we will evaluate and determine if you are right for the Alpha's Army."

Starting is several large groups, the trainers began the running portion of our evaluations. A five mile endurance run with the last half mile as a sprinting test. The exercise wasn't far from how most of our training sessions as a sector begin. As predicted, Ever ends will excellent score while Cyrus, Zeke and myself receive average times.

Though she doesn't need to put much effort into her physical evaluation because her scores will be so high on the conceptual test, Ever always has to succeed, no matter the task. It's never a pressure placed on her by her parents but one on herself. I secretly hope she'll find someone, who will make her feel like she doesn't need to.

The agility portion of the evaluation goes by quickly with short, simply drills. Ever and I excel with the help of our smaller framed bodies while Zeke struggles due to his bulky body. Despite being just as built if not more than Zeke, Cyrus does well in the agility tests. I don't hide my disappointment for how good Cyrus's evaluations are going. A frown rests on my face while I stand closed off to him. No matter the amount of times he winks or gives the boyish half smile that he knows all too well, I don't let up on my appearance.

"Oh come one, Auggie. Smile, " Cyrus mocks as he stands beside me.

His hand lightly drags down my neck as he admires his love bites from the night before. My wolf sighs in my head at the contact and I try my best to scold her but she ignores me. Out of the corner of my eyes, I noticed one of Cyrus's friends staring at me with dirty, judgy eyes. I throw him a glare and he doesn't shake from it but laughs. Irritated by his reaction, I roll my eyes and return to watch the others take the strength portion of the evaluation.

"Aren't you happy we will all be together. Your tooth-pick of a best friend, naive brother and your arranged mate will be with us in the army..." his voice trails off before picking back up with a lower tone. "Unless, I talk to my father."

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