Chapter 20: Old Ways

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Rolling over in my bed, I groan as I see that light has barely begun to filter through the window. The sun has barely risen and I'm expected to be awake as well. As I groan again, I'm met with a pillow hitting my face. I sit up and find Kris with her head under the blankets and her bed short a pillow. With no fear, I throw the pillow back, aiming for the lower half of her body. I'm greeted with a growl but brush it off. I'm surprised she isn't up. It feels like most mornings she's gone by the time I wake. 

Adam insisted that we start training today, three days after I asked him, so he could study me during training. And despite doing ranking on Wednesday, we still had training on Saturday; which means I've haven't had a free day since I came back. After half consciously getting dressed, I make my way to the cafeteria where I agreed to meet up with Adam. I really hope he's running late so I can get a few moments to myself for breakfast. 

To my lack of luck, Adam is one of the five people standing in the cafeteria. I keep my distance from him as I grab a bagel and toast it. I watch as he meticulously brews a coffee, practically black if it weren't for the cinnamon he uses to top off his coffee. It's a combination I've never heard of.

I catch him staring at me with an odd look and I return one with confusion.

"You're bagel's burning," he points out.

I suddenly become aware of the smell of smoke in the air. Panicking, I eject the bread and attempt to remedy the mistake with butter and hazelnut spread.

"Let's go! We're behind schedule," Adam says walking out of the cafeteria.

I whine to myself as I glob on my toppings and shove both halves into my mouth. Today isn't much of a day. Despite the sun fighting to shine through the clouds, the day is dark as it drizzles. Adam is a good five paces ahead of me and I know he expects me to keep up with him. There's only a short distance between the dorms and the training facility and I'm trying to eat my bagel as quickly as I can so I can have some sort of energy in me.

"You're going to give yourself a cramp, if not from eating that fast than when you start training," Adam scolds.

With the bagel in my mouth, I attempt to scoff but end up choking. I roll my eyes when the back of Adam's head when it begins to shake side to side. I know he can't see me but something tells me he knows what I'm doing it. As if sensing my eyes sizing him up, Adam picks up his pace and I'm practically speed walking just to be a few paces behind. I'd like to believe he isn't a morning person but I know that he acts like this all the time. I'm trying to keep in mind everything Bently said about him weeks ago and what Beckett has said before but I can't believe any of it because he has no manners and a stick up his ass.

Rather than holding the door open for me, Adam walks in letting the door shut in my face. When I get inside, I notice that Adam isn't headed towards the training room on the second floor. Rather he's walking towards the back part of the first floor where the pool is located. I look down at my outfit, knowing full well that I am not dressed for swimming. Just as I'm about to speak up, Adam walks past the pool and out the back doors to the track. He stands just outside the doors, under the awning.

"Let's start with some running," Adam suggests

I look up at the dreary sky, which seems to be getting darker by the second.

"You're not concerned about the weather?" I ask.

"Are you going to melt?" He snaps.

"Pop culture reference! Good for you, I was beginning to think you were a robot," I interrupt, joking around.

"Five laps, let's go!" He orders with no reminisce of a smile.

"Only five?" That's less than the warm ups Cadence made us do.

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