48| he's the tear in my heart

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theres only 2 chapters left y'all ahh
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JIMIN'S heart felt like it was jumping into his throat. He was so extremely nervous, digging his nails into his palms as he paced around Taehyung's dorm. Yoongi was watching him with amusement as Taehyung packed a giant box full of wads of fairy lights, colorful streamers, and a pre-packed picnic basket (complete with a red checkered blanket). He also packed a bluetooth speaker and some pillows shaped as stars and planets.

"He's not g-going to like it."

"He'll love it! I'd love it!"

"I think your a l-little biased, Tae."

"Yoongi! Tell me you wouldn't love this?"

Yoongi blinked as two pairs of eyes landed on him. He had a Nintendo Switch in his hand, the  Legend of Zelda music filling the moment of silence in the room. He glanced between the basket and Jimin before nodding, "Yeah, I'd love it. It's cute. If he doesn't lock you down after this then he's seriously not worth it."

"Wow, Yoongi just gave you a compliment and wisdom," Taehyung grinned, "And he didn't even charge you!"

"Go fuck yourself with a scalpel, Taehyung."

Jimin laughed into his hand, trying to control himself so he doesn't fall back into the wall. Taehyung throws a pillow at Jimin and scowls at Yoongi. He picks up the box and walks to the door, "C'mon Jimin, we've got to get going if you want a boyfriend by tonight."

Jimin nods and picks up the bouquet of flowers, smiling at Yoongi who wishes him luck. They take the stairs down to Taehyung's car (mainly because the elevator is broken, but also because of Taehyung's fear of said elevator) and load the supplies into the trunk. Jimin climbs into the passenger and buckles up, then rifles through the CD collection Taehyung has stashed in the glove box.

"Put on Britney."

"Britney? R-Really?" Jimin raised an eyebrow, pausing through his searching to stare at Taehyung.

Taehyung narrows his eyes and points, "Do not give me that look. Britney is a fucking icon."

"My god."

"Put Britney on."

"Oh my god, okay!" Jimin rolls his eyes and pulls out the first Britney Spears CD he finds, taking it out of its case nosily and shoves it into the slot.

"Yo be careful with her master piece!" Taehyung complains, turning the volume up as he pulls out from his parking spot.

"Master piece," Jimin laughs, "This is hardly a-"

Taehyung turned the volume up higher so he could drown out Jimin, yelling over the top of Toxic, "SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU, BRITNEY IS PLAYING!"


"Are you sure we c-can hang these?" Jimin asks, looking down at the tangled mess of fairy lights clumped together in his hand.

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