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Vincent "Vinnie" Ritacco
Sometimes They Come Back
Warning: Cursing

Vinnie rolled down his window, putting his elbow on the side and letting his forearm hang outside the window calmly, "What do you want to eat?"

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Vinnie rolled down his window, putting his elbow on the side and letting his forearm hang outside the window calmly, "What do you want to eat?"

"Is that old diner still there?"

"Yeah. Think anyone will recognize us?"


"There are still those assholes we went to high school with. Some might be workin' here now."

I laughed, "Oh please, V, no one stays in his town. As soon as you graduate, you leave. The only people here now are adults that have moved here. Anyone that grows up here doesn't stay. With the exception of Jim, I guess."

He hummed in response, sinking in his seat and feeling the breeze on his face. Before we died, he'd do that. He'd close his eyes and just enjoy the moment. It was nice to watch him, and because of it, I had nearly ran us off the road twice. I finally pulled up at the diner, him rolling up his window and hopping out, taking my hand in his and holding the door for me. I stepped in and he followed, no doubt taking a glance at my hips. We took a booth in the back, and ordered. When our food came, he looked so happy I thought he was going to faint. He ate his food incredibly fast, then ordered some of North's favorite dessert to-go for when he was back.

We sat in the booth, me sharing my remaining fries with him. I made a joke and after laughing, he sighed, looking to me, "Remember what you said in the car? How everyone raised here leaves at some point?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

He shrugged, biting a fry in half, "Well, did you ever think about... y'know... the future? Our future? I mean, before we died, anyways..."

I shrugged, "A little. Usually gave me a headache though. Why?"

"Well, now that we're back, we can bring an object back. Something that used to be important to us."

"Yeah, you told me. I still don't know how."

"You just sort of think of it and it shows up somewhere... that's what happened with Lawson and the car, anyways."

His eyes looked sad, and I frowned at him, "Are you okay, Vinnie? Something seems... wrong."

He chuckled, "Well, we are dead, and that ain't a fuckin' ride. But being without you for so many years got me to thinkin'... I started thinkin' you wouldn't remember me or that you would've moved on or somethin'... 'N so I got to thinkin' about it more and... I dunno what I'd do without you. I mean, I'm a dumbass. You could do better."

I reached across the table, taking his hand in mine, "Vinnie, you may be a dumbass, but you're my dumbass. There ain't no one I'd rather commit third degree murder with."

He smiled, batting his lashes cheesily, "You mean that?"

I chuckled, "Course I do, you fuckin' dork. C'mon. I think I have an idea as to who we can kill for North."

Author's Note
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