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Richard "Eyeball" Chambers
Stand By Me
Warning: Cursing

I stepped outside, hearing my screen door slam loosely behind me

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I stepped outside, hearing my screen door slam loosely behind me. Our driveway was by the road, which made me loath my everyday task of going out to check the mail. There was always the possibility of a car coming by and sweeping me off my feet. Maybe my parents were aware of that.

I walked down the driveway, walking beside a cherry red Chevy and already looking ahead down the road. Once I saw it was clear, I stepped out, opening the dull, metal mailbox. Nothing. I heard a loud noise and looked over. Four guys in a topless car were driving by, knocking mailboxes off with a wooden baseball bat. A blond one was driving, switching a toothpick between his teeth. A brunette with a jean jacket half-way on was weilding the bat, hanging off the side of the car and swinging harshly at his targets. I watched as a wooden one turned to splinters. I looked a little harder and recognized them as Ace's gang; Ace being the driver and Eyeball being the passenger. They had two more of their goons in the back, chattering happily and cheering their friend on. They were barreling down the road, and looked like they had no intention of stopping.

Checking the mailbox was all I had to do, and if these fuckers got me in trouble because they're bored and decide to knock my mailbox off it's post, my mom would kill me. I shut my mailbox with a quiet slam and moved to stand in the middle of the road. The guys in the car seemed to snap to attention, and I noticed Eyeball slap Ace's chest lazily and tell him to slow down. Ace didn't slow down, and kept going forward, eyes narrowed. I stood comfortably, my arms crossed and my foot slapping the ground in frustration. Ace still kept his speed. They weren't far now.

He suddenly slammed on his brakes, the front of his car lightly touching my thighs. I walked over to Eyeball's side of the car, resting an elbow on the door, "Eyeball Chambers, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

His eyes went to my chest for a split second before he sat back in his seat, a smug grin on his face, "We're playin' baseball. Wanna join?"

I scoffed, rolling my eyes, "No, I don't want to join. Look, I don't need to get in trouble because you faggots decide to take my mailbox off. I don't give a shit about the other ones, just don't hit mine. Got it?"

Eyeball's jaw clenched and he searched my eyes patiently, "Got it." Keeping his eyes on me, he adjusted his grip on the bat and lightly tapped Ace's arm, "Let's get out of here."

I stayed still, and Ace slowly drove around me before slamming on the gas. I watched as they went back to their game, keeping my eyes on them until they took a sharp right turn on two wheels.

Once knowing they were gone, I turned around, checking the mail again to make sure I didn't miss anything by accident. After seeing that it was still empty, I shut it and walked back down my driveway, still in disbelief that Ace hadn't just hit me with his car right then and there. I heard the roar of the car again, and as soon as I turned around, I saw Eyeball knock my mailbox off the hinges, then toss the bat into my yard. I cursed him out from the roadside as they drove off, but only got a few sharp whistles in reply. I went to the baseball bat, and picked it up carefully. It had bold, dark print on it. I smiled a little. It read:

You have my number. Gimme a call.

Author's Note
Hope you enjoyed!! Any requests??

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