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Steff McKee
Pretty in Pink
Warning: Cursing

"Oh sure, Steff, I'm sure that's exactly what you think will happen!"

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"Oh sure, Steff, I'm sure that's exactly what you think will happen!"

"I know damn well that that's what's gonna happen because it's what always happens," he threw a hand up, motioning to me, "Some bitch gets her panties in a wad about some bullshit, then comes yelling to me like I can control it! Then she leaves and some other long-legged broad comes in and it happens again and again and again, in a cycle!"

I raised my nose, "So that's all I've been to you? Nine months and all I am is just another long-legged broad?!" Steff opened his mouth to reply, but I cut him off, "No, just save it. I'm leaving. We're through. I won't throw dirt on you name, but if you ever speak to me again, Steff McKee, I swear to god I'm gonna bust that perfect jaw of yours."

"Fine, go, then!"

"I will!"

I grabbed my stuff, and shoved it in my bag, slinging it over my shoulder and slamming his door on my way out, revving up my car and stomping on the gas to go flying out of the neighborhood. I went to a diner, and grabbed a bite to eat, hoping to clear my mind some. I wasn't quite sure how long I stayed there, but I ended up not eating my food, and leaving without touching it at all. I got home a little later, and walked inside, quietly closing the door and dropping my bag by the stairs. I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom doing dishes, she smiled at me, "You're home late."


"Steff called about a half-hour ago. Wanted to know where you were."

"Did you tell him?"

"I didn't know where you were, so no. Why? What happened?"

"Nothing. I'm gonna head to bed."

"Alright, hon."

She kissed me on the cheek and I went up to my room, dragging my bag behind me. I sighed, changing clothes and curling up on my bed, my chest starting to ache in the start of trying to get over Steff. I really liked him, and I thought that he liked me too. My phone rang and I picked it up, playing with the twirled wire mindlessly. I sniffed a little, "Hello?"

I heard Steff, "Hey, are you still up?"

I put the phone down, and it rang again. I picked it up and put it down again, doing it over and over again until he finally gave up. I sat there with my arms crossed for a while, until I heard a knock on my window. I thought it might have been one of my girl friends, since we usually go up to each other's windows, but when I moved my curtain, I saw Steff.

I let go of the curtains and heard his voice muffled through the glass, "Look, babe, I'm sorry... I brought some cig's as a 'Sorry for being an asshole.' I rolled them myself, since I know you like the way I do 'em..."

"Go away, Steff."

"Open your window."


"I just wanna talk."

"Too bad."



He was quiet for a while and I heard him speak again, "Look... I really like you. I do. Your ass is as big as your personality, baby, and I can't live without you. I was wrong saying you were like other girls, and I came to apologize. We don't have to get back together if you don't want too, but I want you to know that I'm sorry, and that the next guy to be with you will be a lucky bastard. Also, I just want you to know that-"

He went on but I stopped listening. I walked downstairs and quietly out my front door, climbing up a tree and scrambling onto the other side of my roof. Steff was sitting with his back to me and his shoulder to the window, resting his head on the glass and messing his hair up. He was still talking and had a lit cigarette, hanging from his lips, making his words slur a little. He spoke until it was time to stub it out, and he pushed it to my roof and crushed it under the toe of his shoes. He looked to the window and I heard him, "... Are you even listening?"

After not getting a reply, he leaned the small pack of Steff-rolled cigarettes by the window, and stood up, ready to go to the tree to get down and head home. I stood up as well, and he saw me, putting his hands calmly in his pockets and nodding to the cigarettes, "Made them with that strawberry stuff you like."

I smiled a little and made my way over to him, "I'm willing to give you a second chance Steff, but you need to promise me something."

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he put his hands on my sides by my ribs, "And what's that, babe."

"You have to apologize, then kiss me. A real kiss, too."

He smiled, "Really?"

"Mhmm. And you have to hold my hand whenever I want from now on. Even in public."

He looked me in the eyes, "I'm sorry. Sincerely. I'll hold your hand anytime you ask." He leaned in and pushed his lips to mine. Something happened and he quickly separated from me. He took his hands off of me then put his fingers to the side of his head, "What the hell...?"

I looked to my yard and saw Duckie with a dozen of eggs in it's carton in his hand. He looked up, "Oh shit! Wait... Y/N is that you? Why are you on the roof? Is that Steff? What are you doing with him? He's an asshole!"

I shouted back, "Why are you egging my house?"

"Fair point! I'll be going now!"

I rolled my eyes and looked back to Steff, who was glaring at Duckie, with half of his fluffy hair matted to the side of his head from the egg thrown at him. He looked back to me, "Mind if I use your shower?"

"Hell yeah I mind! You know how my mom feels about having you over this late."

He clicked his tongue, "You can just shower with me. She shouts, you answer."

I raised my brows at him and a mischievous grin appeared on his lips, "Awh, come on, I'll keep my hands to myself. Promise."

I sighed, "Fine. But we have 30 minutes tops, then you go home, got it?"

He kissed me sweetly and we snuck through my house up to the restroom, and ended up having the most fun, also quiet, night of our lives.

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