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Cody Culp
Class of 1999
Warning: Cursing

Cody CulpClass of 1999Warning: Cursing

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"C'mon Dawn, I'm fine. Lemme up!"

I shot upwards, but Curt (my brother) and Dawn (his girlfriend) gripped my shoulders and slammed me back on the couch, making me cry out in pain.

I was in a trailer, laying on an old couch and fading in and out of consciousness. On my way back from school, Hector and some of his other Razor goons got ahold of me. Dawn and Curt managed to help me out and drag me here, where I was now surrounded by my fellow Blackhearts. They were making a bigger deal of it than necessary. I heard the loud, familiar noise of a screen door slamming open against a wall. Smiling, I watched as people practically parted like the Red Sea (or like Hector's legs). Cody came through, yelling for somebody to grab a water and a beer from the fridge.

He sat down on the edge of the couch cushion, careful to make sure his body didn't touch mine. I must have looked rough.

I was injured though. My right eye was puffy and no doubt blackened. My lips were both busted from the numerous punches they received, and my jaw was sore. My hands wouldn't stop shaking and the joints of my fingers refused to loosen up. My left leg felt like it had been gutted then stuffed, and wouldn't relax, and my right leg felt as though I'd pulled a muscle. My brain felt full of wet cotton, and I no doubt had small cuts covering any showing skin.

Cody handed me a shot glass, and I raised my head so I could down it before asking for another. My knee joints loosened a little, but my hands were still vibrating.

Cody handed me the bottle of water, and yelled for everyone to get out. Despite his current status amongst our group, everyone listened, except for Curt, who took off his top hat and sat in the corner, just wanting to make sure I was okay. Being his sister, it was understandable. Cody asked him 'kindly' to leave, and after me asking, Curt stood up, telling me to shout for him if Cody tried anything. Once he left, Cody scoffed, rolling his eyes, "What a douchebag."

I scowled, "That douchebag is my brother."

"Yeah. Right." He looked to me, moving my hair from my face to see my wounds clearly, "What happened?"

I chuckled, "I'm lucky. The only reason those Razor-faggots didn't rape me was because of our brand tattooed on my collarbone. They refuse to stoop that low, I guess."

Cody frowned, "Yeah? Well, they would've killed you. Why the fuck didn't you wait for me? I would've walked home with you, dumbass."

"Woah, watch the language, cunt- I mean, Culp. And I saw you. I thought about waiting, but you were busy sucking up to that pretty pussy that just so happens to be the heir to the school throne."

He frowned at me, and wet a rag to clear some of the dried blood from my face, "Watch what you say."

After thinking in silence for a while, I scowled, "Do you like her?"


I sat up abruptly, making him rise to his feet. I stood up next, shoving my shoulder against his and walking outside, yelling over my shoulder, "Thanks for the help, shit-heels! I'll see you around!"

I went to Curt, still limping, and put a hand on his shoulder. I gently shoved him out of my way and went to Dawn, his girlfriend and my best friend, "Let's get the fuck out of here."

Dawn smiled, and looked to Curt for permission. Curt shrugged and suddenly my elbow was gripped at a pressure point. I let out a yelp and my knee gave a little. Somehow, I kept my stance, glaring at Cody. Dawn put a hand on her gun, and Cody froze her with a glare, "Watch it, Dawn." He motioned to me, "We just need to have a little talk."

He dragged me back into the trailer, and practically threw me down on the couch. I winced inwardly, glaring up at him as he went to the kitchen, grabbed two beers, and tossed one to me. I caught it in my chest and opened it, immediately taking a gulp and wiping my mouth sloppily with my wrist. Cody did the same, slamming the glass down on the table and pacing around like a madman. I narrowed my eyes at him, "What the fuck do you gotta say, Cody? I'm a very busy woman."

He clenched his jaw, "I just wanna know why the hell you care about me talkin' to the principal's daughter."

I rolled my eyes, "You fuckin' mook. Look, Cody. You're an asshole, but you're a good-looking asshole. Unlike most guys around here, you actually have a personality. I dig that." He stayed silent for a long time, and after a while, I stood up, sipping my beer and keeping my eyes on his, "I'm sayin' I dig you Cody, despite the bad business you're in with our gang and with you gettin' outta prison and whatnot."

I walked by him, back outside to Dawn, who's eyes were aglow with excitement. Curt looked to me, watching as Cody didn't exit behind me, "You good enough to take the motorcycle and not fall off?"

I scoffed, "As long as you're driving."

We got to his motorcycle, having Dawn drive mine. He got on and I rested my cheek on his back. I sighed, "Why are men so complicated, Curt?"

He shook his head, hesitating to start his bike so he could speak to me, "I ain't one for lyin', especially to family, but guys aren't all that difficult to understand. We like tits and ass. Personality is a bonus. Why? What did Cody say to you in there? We were all listenin' as best we could, but Mohawk wouldn't shut the fuck up."

I shrugged, "He asked me somthin' and I told him how I felt about him, then I left."

He chuckled, "That's out of the ordinary for you."

"If he asks about it, we'll say I was jacked out of my brain on Edge. Or that I wasn't thinkin' clearly cause of my wounds or somethin'."

He had just kicked up his motorcycle's engine when Cody came out of the house, walking over to us. He looked to me, handing me the rest of my beer and smiling, "I'll call you, alright? Just not now. I just need some time to figure some shit out, got it?"

"Got it."

Curt kicked up the motorcycle, and as we rolled off, I held up a middle finger to Cody, getting a loud 'ooh' from the surrounding Blackhearts. He held one back up, and I smiled. It's a shame we don't pay the phone bill.

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