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Ferris Bueller
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Warning: Cursing

Ferris BuellerFerris Bueller's Day OffWarning: Cursing

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"Woah, woah, woah, hey! Hey wait! Hey! Baby!"

I stopped walking, and turned around to face a tall guy in an athlete's jacket. He hadn't been catcalling me, he just wanted my attention. I turned around to face him, looking briefly at the two other guys with him, "What do you want?"

He smiled, "I just, uh... Had my eyes on you for a while and was wondering if you wanted to go grab a bit to eat. Maybe some fro-yo or something."

I smiled politely, "That's real sweet of you, but uh... I actually have a boyfriend so-"

"Hey, baby, who said he has to know?"

I frowned a little, "Me. You better scram. He's just grabbing me a drink from the vending machine. He'll be back any second."

"Damn right I will be."

I looked to Ferris, who put an arm around my waist and pulled me closely to him. He looked down at me, then to the guy, "So? What's this then? What's going on? Some type of trouble you fellas are stirring up with my girl?" His voice was a little deeper than normal. I guess he was trying to scare these creeps off.

The guy held up his hands a little, "Nothin' man. Ain't nothin'." He looked to the guys with him, "We weren't up to nothin', right guys?" They nodded in approval.

Ferris narrowed his eyes, "Yeah? I'm gonna believe you, but you better beat it before I make earrings out of your balls."

The guys left hastily, apologizing to me and Ferris. Ferris moved his arm from my hip to around my shoulder. He pulled my favorite soda from his pocket and handed it to me. I opened it and took a sip, "Well? What was that about? I've never seen you get all jealous and macho like that before."

He shrugged, blushing, "I wasn't jealous. I just don't like other guys trying to get with you. Don't they know who I am?"

I laughed, putting a hand on his chest as we walked, "Everyone knows who you are, Ferris. Hell, you practically run this town."

He smiled cutely, "Really? You think so?"

"I know so. But now that guy has me thinking of frozen yogurt."

He looked down at me, "You want some? I got my paycheck last week."

I smiled, "You're the sweetest. C'mon, let's go. I think Cameron actually got a job at the Fro-Yo place recently."

Ferris smiled down at me, "Wanna try to get him fired?"

Author's Note
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