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John "Ace" Merrill
Stand By Me
Warning: Cursing

I swung the wooden round-edged triangle around my finger, and tossed it onto the pool table

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I swung the wooden round-edged triangle around my finger, and tossed it onto the pool table. I went around, digging a hand into the table pockets, then pulling out the cue ball and the playing balls. I set the numbers up and put them in the triangle correctly, shaking it a little before taking the triangle away and tossing it onto a nearby bench. I grabbed a cue, and prepared the end of it for a one-man game.

I heard someone, "Woah woah, wait a second." Keeping my head down for the aim, I looked up to see Ace Merrill. I rolled my eyes and he smiled, "Gimme two minutes and I'll join you."

I smiled a little and stood upright, "Two minutes. If your ass isn't back here, I'm starting without you."

He grinned, "Damn, be patient, will you? I'm gonna grab a drink. You want anything?"

"Just get two of whatever you want. I'll drink whatever, at this point."

He got his wallet from his back pocket and headed over to the bar. I watched quietly as he got out his lighter and lit a cigarette. The bartender came back, handing him two tall glasses, the foam almost spilling over the sides. Ace came back and set the drinks down at a tall, circular table next to the pool area. He grabbed a cue, and looked to me. I stayed still. He motioned to the table, "Well? Don't just stand around lookin' pretty. Go."

I rolled my eyes and bent over the table, turning my aim slightly. I kicked off, making no square shots. I stood up again and looked to Ace. His eyes went from my rear, to the table. I stepped to the table, grabbing one of the drinks he provided and taking two chugs. I watched as he held his cigarette out to me. I held it and he shot, splitting two and pocketing the other. He went again, and pocketed another. The last one was slightly off and just barely grazed the side.

He stood upright, "Damn." He stepped aside and let me take his place. I watched as he went over to the table, taking his cigar from my fingers and holding it while he drank. He set the beverage back on the table, and as soon as his eyes met mine, I looked back to my aim.

I shot in another one. After a short time and two empty glasses, I had a pretty good buzz going. Ace had won the first game, and while I was setting up a round two, he went to the bar to get more of what we'd only recently finished. We played three more rounds and went through twice that many drinks. I was looped out of my fucking mind, while he seemed perfectly fine. He won every round except the last one, which I later figured that he let me win.

A little after midnight, I couldn't even walk straight. He wrapped an arm around my waist, "Let's get you home."

Laughing, I leaned into him, putting a hand on his chest "I'm driving!"

"Hell no you're not driving! Look, I have my car out front, parked next to yours. How about I drive you home tonight, and tomorrow we can come up to pick your car up. Yeah?"

"Yeah let's do... that."

He rolled his eyes and payed the bill, proceeding to guide me to his car. He started the engine up and I giggled stupidly, "Hey. Ace. I gotta secret."

He rested his right arm on the back of the seat around my shoulder, looking behind us as he backed out of the parking spot, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. Wanna hear it?"

He shook his head, "No. Your house is down Eyeball's road, right? We have a decent drive ahead of us. Go to sleep."

I scooted next to him, our thighs touching. I leaned my head back, resting it on his shoulder and turning to face him, "You're not a cop, you can't tell me what to do...!"

He rolled his eyes at me.

Right when we got on a straight road, I got his attention, "Speed up."

He eased his foot down on the gas. Nobody would be out this late anyways, so we weren't worried about being caught in an accident. I wrapped my arm around Ace, running my fingers through his hair. I giggled loudly, "You know if we stuck your hair in a freezer, it would freeze."

He smiled a little, looking at me, then at the road, "Yeah, that is what freezer's do. Freeze things. You're blitzed out of your fuckin' mind."

"No I'm not. I'm just drunk." I looked up at him, studying his jaw, "Can we go on another date?"


"Yeah. Tonight was the first one, and we should go on one tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that and the-"

Ace interrupted me, "Not tomorrow. You'll be picking up from your hangover. I'll bring you some headache medication. The next day, though, we can do something."

I ran my fingers through his hair again, "You mean it?"

"Yeah. Now go to sleep. We have forty fuckin' until we get to your place."

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