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Ferris Bueller
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Warning: Heavy Fluff

Ferris BuellerFerris Bueller's Day OffWarning: Heavy Fluff

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I smiled at Mr. and Mrs. Bueller. They were a lot more polite than I thought they'd be, and it made me wonder how Ferris was the way he was. They had invited me over for dinner, and afterwards, I was planning to stay the night. We were currently at their kitchen table, while Jeanie was out with friends, so it was just us four. Me and Ferris sat especially close, practically shoulder to shoulder, like we were attached at the hip. Ferris's father was talking about something to Ferris, but he hadn't seemed to care about business talk. I took a bite of food, and decided to make him a little more thoughtful. I put a hand on his thigh gently.

It was usually him putting his hand on my thigh, so he didn't think it would be anything other than me wanting contact.

He continued listening to his father talking as he rested his hand on mine gently, letting me know that his attention was mine. I slid my hand upwards, and I felt his grip on my fingers tighten a little. He shot a warning glance my way, and his father asked if he was alright. He smiled, "Yeah, dad, it's just that..." He looked to me, "Y/N is way more interested in business than I am. I'm sure she'd love to hear more about all of this."

I couldn't help but agree, and smile at his sad attempt to distract me. His dad started talking to me, and I listened dutifully. Each time he would ask me something that required a response, I'd move my hand upwards, or inwards. After a little more teasing, Ferris let out a cough, "Y'know, I'm really glad you guys got to meet her, but I think we're finished eating." He stood up, still holding my hand, more gently now, "Come on, I'll show you my room."

I'd already seen his room multiple times, without his parents knowledge of it. I thanked his parents for dinner, and swept myself away with Ferris. We entered his room, and he shut the door, locking it and looking to me, "You're crazy."

"We're a perfect match."

"But we won't burn out, will we?"

"Not anytime soon."

He noticed where my eyes wandered, and blushed, "Don't act surprised. It's your fault."

"Well then let me handle it."

He smiled at my response, and pushed his lips to mine. I leaned my hips into his, and he bit at my lip teasingly. He turned us around, and I felt my back against his door. He moved my hair back, and put his other hand on my hip, drawing me closer and moving my thigh against his arousal. He shuddered and let out a moan, blushing afterwards, "M-My parents are here."

"Then I guess you better keep quiet, huh?"

He pulled away from me, smiling, "You make that hard to do."

I sighed, "You sure you don't wanna continue, Ferris?"

He looked like he was holding his breath for a moment before he looked to me, and released it with a chuckle, his voice a little hoarse, "Believe me, I do, but... I don't want my parents thinking we're together for sex. I mean, what if they hear us?" I raised ny brows at him and he smiled, "Fine. What if they hear me?"

I shrugged, "I'm not forcing you to do anything, I'm fine with it, Ferris." I hugged him, "But... some other time...? Yeah?"

He smiled, "Of course."

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