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Richard "Eyeball" Chambers
Stand By Me
Warning: Fluff

Richard "Eyeball" ChambersStand By MeWarning: Fluff

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I lean against Eyeball, our arms pressed together. It was a nice summer night, and we were currently standing at a drag race. Every now and then we'd be able to hear crickets over the roaring of car engines. Eyeball had a cigarette between his lips and a fist in the air as he cheered for a red car. We made a bet and I'd placed mine on the green one. It seemed to be a bet I would soon be losing, and a buck was a buck. I slide a hand to the inside of his bicep and I lean up, my lips brushing his ear, "Hey, I'm cold. Do you mind coming with me to heat up the car?" We'd been together for a while, but since our relationship was between us, and us alone, we had numerous code words and phrases. Heating up the car was one of them. He grins broadly and ruffled a hand through his hair, "Yeah, sure thing, the guys are all the way at the front anyways. We'll be back before they notice we're gone." He chuckled and we head to the car, fingers interlaced.

He unlocks it and we get to the backseat. I straddle his waist and press my lips to his, moving to his jaw and leaving a dark hickey above his pulse point. I feel his throat vibrate as he lets out a groan of approval. I roll my hips against his, feeling the tight bulge forming in his jeans as I do so. I chuckle and run my fingers through his hair, "Someone's awfully excited."

He leans his head back, his cheeks already a splotchy red, his voice exasperated, "Sh-Shut up..."

I smile and give his hair a gentle tug, watching as he grits his teeth. I go on teasing him for awhile but he quickly gets impatient. He lays my back against the leather seat, pulling back for a moment. I loop my legs around his waist as he reaches behind his head to jerk his shirt off, and I lift my head, letting him place it behind me. Car sex was a norm for us, seeing as there was really nowhere else either of us had, excluding a dingy motel room that we could rarely afford for a night. I pull my own shirt off and drop it to the floorboard as Eyeball leans down and leaves a mark of his own on my neck.

I feel his lips drift below my collarbone, his other hand sliding up my torso. I shiver slightly in pleasure and I feel his finger hook through my bra strap, and gently snap it against my skin. I groan quietly and bite my lip, "Don't tease..."

He chuckles a little, "Why not? You seem to love teasing..."

I let my eyes flutter shut as arousal works through my body, taking it's physical toll. I squirm impatiently and grind against him again. Theres a loud knocking against the window next to our heads and I nearly jump out of my skin. I arch my back to tilt my head back and Eyeball's eyes follow mine. My face goes scarlet when I see Ace, Billy, and Charlie, who are all laughing as hard as they did when Eyeball got drunk and tripped down the stairs. I gently shove him back and I pull my shirt back on. He doesn't bother, since he and the guys have seen each other shirtless numerous times, going swimming and hanging out on summer days and whatnot.

I fumble with my fingers in my lap as he opens the car door, looking more agitated than embarrassed, where I was the opposite. I hear Ace howl with laughter as he pokes his head in, "Nice rack!" I blush and look down again. Eyeball scowls and gets out, slamming the door loudly behind him. I move to the other seat and I get out. Billy looked immensely uninterested though. He held up a fist, "Wanna play rock paper scissors?"

My brows go up, "What?"

He rolled his eyes, "You and Mr. Ball over there have been together for a while now. Ace and Charlie are just too stupid to have noticed." He held his fist in his palm, "If I win, you gotta buy me a beer."

I shrug a shoulder and we play a few rounds as Ace and Eyeball bicker and whatnot. I even hear Ace scold Eyeball for not telling him after he pinkie promised we weren't together. That nearly made me laugh. Charlie got bored easily and came over, looking to my neck, "You guys weren't even gone for ten minutes and your necks look like they were attacked by fish."

"Why fish?"

"Cause don't fish do that little sucky thing?"

Billy snickers, "Geez, what kinda fishing trips you must go on..."

I let them be and I walk over to Ace and Eyeball, though Eyeball was going to get a coke to cool himself off. I bite my lip and look to Ace, "So...?"

He loops an arm heavily around my shoulders and pulls me to his side, moving down so he's eye level with me, his face next to mine as we both look at Eyeball. He pats my back roughly, "You treat him good, alright? He's a decent guy." He glares at me, "Tell him I said that and I'll gut you like a fish."

Charlie pokes in, "Fish?"

I snicker and nudge him back, looking to Ace, "Trust me, I know I caught a good one."

Author's Note
Hope you enjoyed! Any requests?

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