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John "Ace" Merrill
Stand By Me
Warning: Suggestive, Cursing

I held up a string of lights, looking to Ace, "You think these would be okay?"

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I held up a string of lights, looking to Ace, "You think these would be okay?"

"Naw, try the green ones."

I did so, and smiled, "Ace: part time badass, part time interior designer and party planner."

He stood up and went to his fridge, getting out a beer, "Full time badass, actually."

I chuckled, "Yeah, yeah, I'm aware. Bring that step ladder over here."

With his beer in one hand, he grabbed the handle of the step ladder and unfolded it, setting it down in front of me. He went back to sit on his living room couch as I stuck a thumbtack between my teeth and grabbed the lights. I got on the second highest step of the ladder and reached up, pinning the lights. Ace stayed surprisingly quiet, and I eventually lined the entire living room in green Christmas lights. I picked up another decoration and got back on the step stool. I held it up to a point in the wall, "You think this is good, Ace?"

He let out a whistle from behind me, "Yeah. Great." I looked to him and his gaze darted from my hips, to my eyes, "What? Oh, you mean that. Move it a little to the left."

I leaned over and looked at him.

He shook his head, "No, try the right. A little higher. Back left. Maybe the middle was okay. No that's awful. Lower. Lower. A little bit right. No that was too much. Back in the middle. Lower. Lower. Lower. Lower."

I was practically bending over on a ladder. I looked at him from between my legs only to see him staring at my ass. I stood upright and turned around, face red, "Ace!"

His eyes met mine and he sipped his beer, "What?"

"What the hell, man?!"

He shrugged, "You got a nice ass! I can't help it! I saw a fuckin' opportunity and I took it!"

I went to sit next to him, messing up his hair. He slapped my hand away and I rolled my eyes, "Any other woman would slap you for looking at their ass."

"But not you!"


He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me to his chest, "Cause your ass is all mine, baby."


He pushed his lips to my cheek before standing up, "I gotta go. Billy and Charlie need a ride." I crossed my arms and he smiled, "Don't get all pouty with me. I'll be back soon."

He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. He walked towards the door and I stood up, sighing, "Guess I'll have to hang up all these decorations all by my lonesome..."

He suddenly darted back into the room and hopped over the back of the couch, a wide grin on his face, "So long as you're up on that ladder, Billy and Charlie can fuckin' wait. The view here is better anyway."

Author's Note
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