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Jack Bocci
Memphis Belle
Warning: Smut (NSFW)

"Jack, honey, I can't hear a single word you're sayin'!"

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"Jack, honey, I can't hear a single word you're sayin'!"


I gripped his arm gently, dragging him behind me. I noticed Rascal send his friend a 'good-luck' wink, and nearly rolled my eyes. I heard the door of the party close, dulling the loud noises inside. Jack looked to me nervously. He was used to being with his group, and without them, he felt as if he were in trouble. He never knew how to act when he was alone. I sighed, "Sorry for pulling you away, it's just too damn loud in there."

"Ay, watch ya language! Don't need the guys thinkin' I'm with a scamp."

"But you are."

"Naw, you ain't like that." He put his hands in his pockets, "C'mon doll, I think I know a little quiet place." Virge and a pretty blonde woman walked by us. His face was beet red and he reused to make eye contact with us. We got into his lucky place, sitting in the cockpit. Jack huffed, telling me to stay put, as if I had a choice. I didn't know how to get around on this thing! He disappeared, and came back, holding a small notebook. He held it to me, "Check it. This is the logs of where we've been. Think one of the guys even sketched some things out."

I sat back comfortably, flipping through it, "Where do you think you're going tomorrow?"


"You're a horrible liar."

He smiled broadly, "Damn, woman, let a man have his secrets!"

I furrowed my brows at him, "Where are they sending you?"

His smile faded, "Germany."

I slapped the book shut, setting it on a chair behind us, "You're kidding!"

He grinned, "Naw, doll. I dunno if I'm supposed to know it though, so I'd appreciate if you kept quiet about it.

I raised a brow, "And here I thought that you would come home."

"I will come home, and when I do, we'll drink 'til sunrise, a'right?"

I sighed, laying back and propping on my elbows. He lay on his side, resting his jaw in his hand. I looked to him, "Promise?"


He reached under what I assumed to be Dennis's chair, and took a water bottle and screwed the lid off. The smell of watered down whiskey wafted from the bottle. He took a swig, and swiped his thumb across his bottom lip, "Well, now, we have two things we can do 'fore I leave, just hear me out. You and I can have some hot and heavy, kinky, sex-in-a-plane, or," he drew out the word, "We can head back inside and finish off the dance.

I chuckled, "This is gonna be he first time we have sex, and you want to do it in a plane?"

"I live for danger, baby."

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